Minutes 30.06.2010

Minutes from Meeting Wednesday 30th June 2010


Sam Lewis (Hackney Homes, Resident Participation Officer)

Ian Clark (Hackney Homes)

Simeon Bennett (Deputy Chair)

Francine Rump (Secretary)

Gilderen Asiliskendar, Kingsgate Estate

Bedriye Yilmaz, Kingsgate Estate

Margaret Compton, Kingsgate Estate

Beatrice Bala, Kingsgate Estate

Zubeyda Susamis, Kingsgate Estate

Elig Moroglu, Kingsgate Estate

Mandy Linard, Kingsgate Estate

Sarah Conneely, Kingsgate Estate

Denise Webb, Kingsgate Estate

Kathleen Dolan, Blandford Court, Lockner Estate

Victoria Cannon, Kingsgate Estate

L Samain, Kingsgate Estate

Jenny Duval, Dorset Court, Lockner Estate

Suely Castro, Dorset Court, Lockner Estate

Sam Lewis, Hackney Homes

Cllr Rob Chapman

Ian Clark, Hackney Homes

Francine Rump, Dorset Court, Lockner Estate

Simeon Bennett, Dorset Court, Lockner Estate

Yvette Alie, Kingsgate Estate

Apologies: Lisa Linpower (Chairperson)

Meeting Commenced 7:05pm

1> Previous Matters

Ian Clark (Hackney Homes) updated those present on enquiries raised at previous meetings:

i) Kingsgate Hall – future of this space is on hold pending the outcomes of the consultation and the vote. NOTE

ii) Kingsgate tower telecommunications mast money – an enquiry as to the current balance, confirmed at £12,478.50.  Noted that there is still a desire to use this money for floor covering replacement in the tower.  Whilst this has been selected there has been no further progress on its installation. NOTE

iii) Kingsgate Fire Doors – the doors are now installed.  However some residents and users are reporting that the doors are noisy (slamming) and difficult to operate (heavy).  Yevette XXXX asked if an impact assessment had been carried out prior to installation and what sort of sign-off is performed upon completion? Action: IC to review at walkabout and respond back at next meeting

iv) Lockner Estate planters – Whilst this matter was raised in September in time for the 09-10 budget there has been no progress.  Wayne Hibberd (Hackney Homes Head of Grounds) who is said to have been progressing this matter has not been responding to calls/emails.  The point was raised that any new planters should be easy to maintain as on-going maintenance has been an issue with the Kingsgate planters.  It was noted that residents should also feel free to play their part in the upkeep of the estate, including looking after planters if it is to the benefit of estate as a whole.  Action: IC to escalate lack of progress on Lockner Planters within Hackney Homes.

v) Kingsgate Bin Area Fencing: There is a lack of clarity on this matter.  Various works have been attempted/completed but it seems, not to the satisfaction and increasing frustration of the residents.  IC will investigate this on walkabout to hear the voice of residents and whitness the issues at first hand.

vi) Lockner Estate painting:  The estate was inspected in 2009; Hackney Homes did not select the estate for painting in 2010.  It will be inspected once again during 2010 for possible programming in 2011.  In the interim patchwork will be considered if required, residents should report these areas directly to Hackney Homes.

2> Future of combined TRA Survey Outcomes and next steps

Sam Lewis announced the results of the survey to residents

Results of the Survey are at the end of these minutes

In summary, the consensus of the survey is that the residents would like to split the current amalgamated TRA with a community space at each site to form two new TRAs specific to each estate.  The split could only occur at an open meeting held specifically to review, discuss and, if agree, to dissolve the combined TRA as it currently stands.

Sam Lewis noted that the Estate Improvement Budget (EIB) for the current TRA nad financial year is not entirely committed, this could cause administrative problems when it comes to dissolve so it should be finalised prior to any dissolution.

It was also noted that the bulk of officers are from lockner Estate, which may pose significant problems for Kingsgate Estate.  There was vocal opposition to this notion by some members present that the vote had been skewed in the interests of the members from Kingsgate estate.  This was refuted entirely by Simeon Bennett (deputy chair).

SL recommended that the Committee and officers hold a closed meeting to decide the way forward.

3> Noise

3.1  Some residents of Kingsgate complained of noise from the mobile phone mast on top of the tower.  SL agreed to raise this with Clive Taber of Hackney Homes.

3.2  Some residents complained of noise and anti-social behaviour taking place on the sports pitch on the Lockner estate.  The Safer Neighbourhoods team have been asked to increase the number of visits to this site.  The details of this team were distributed and tenants &residents were encouraged to contact them if they see such.

4> AOB

A number of issues were raised by Kingsgate estate residents, including:

4.1 Estate play area – Monkey bars

4.2 Toft Road side.  Problems with the stairs here.  Reported previously but as yet not addressed.

4.3 Access to Ground Floor Flats following installation of access-controlled doors.  Yvette Alie                 questioned whether a correct impact assessment and consultation had been completed, or if it                 had, had it been acted upon.  Door is said to be heavy and particularly difficult to operate for the                 frail/infirm.

Ian Clark agreed to review all of these matters in person immediately after the meeting with some         of the residents.

Meeting ended 20:45.

Results of consultation – provided by Sam Lewis, Hackney Homes

Kingsgate Estate Lockner Estate
Number % Number %
Kingsgate hall should be managed by Hackney Homes 7 36.84% 1 2.44%
Community flat should return to Social Housing 11 57.89% 4 9.76%
Setting up a separate resident association 1 5.26% 36 87.80%
Base 19 100.00% 41 100.00%

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