Minutes 17.04.2010 – AGM

Minutes from Lockner & Kingsgate Residents’ Association AGM
17th March 2010 Kingsgate Community Hall

Winston Henry, K Dolan, Y Alie, P Compton, B Bala, Lisa Linpower, Francine Rump, Danny Turton

Nick Chikwe – Hackney Homes
Sam Lewis – London Borough of Hackney
Action items:
  1. Check who is responsible for replacing lino damaged by lift works in Kingsgate Tower, and inform TRA committee (Nick Chikwe)
  2. Draw up contract between Hackney Homes and nursery for usage of Kingsgate Hall (Jackie Loftus, Lisa Linpower to set deadline with Jackie for completion)
  3. Check Mast Money current balance and details of any restrictions on use (Francine Rump)
  4. Contact Jackie Loftus to request site visit to Lockner Community Flat for repairs and health and safety checks (Nick Chikwe)
  5. Check when works on Kingsgate tower fire doors will start – they were due 15th but had not started by 17th (Nick Chikwe)
  6. Contact Wayne Hibberd to chase Lockner EIB planting (Nick Chikwe)
  7. Contact Hackney Homes to request correction to EIB bin area fencing on Kingsgate Estate (Nick Chikwe)
  8. Contact painting works team to check when painting works to Lockner Estate are scheduled (Nick Chikwe)
  9. Check whether gutters on roof of sheds on Kingsgate Estate need cleaning to stop water collecting on roof (Nick Chikwe)
  10. Look into doing a general security consultation with residents of both estates (TRA committee)
  11. Provide details of transport and tickets used for other estate’s trip to see Sister Act (Sam Lewis)
1. Update on action items from last meeting

Request Hackney Homes to move gate on Lockner playground to paved side and remove building rubbish in order to complete works (Francine Rump)
Done. Rubbish removed. Simon Roche (HH) says that there was never any agreement to move gate; Naila and Lynda uncontactable, so we have no evidence of the original agreement and cannot pursue further.

Get another quote for Kingsgate Tower flooring to be installed with lino curved up sides of walls instead of flat to floor (Nick Chambers)
On hold while Nick Chikwe checks whether HH are responsible for making good existing damage to lino caused by building

Consultation exercise to see what colour flooring residents in the Kingsgate Tower would like (TBC)

Done. Tower residents & Nick Chikwe did a consultation; floor colour #4 agreed by all to be their favourite.

Contact Cllr Icoz, Charlotte Graves, and if possible the Health & Safety Executive to report the dangerous state of Kingsgate Hall roof (Francine Rump)
Done, and Lisa Linpower subsequently met with Jackie Loftus to discuss further. Jackie has confirmed that there is budget available this year to replace the roof and to redecorate the hall.

Provide written Treasurer’s and Chair’s reports for this year to Hackney Homes (TRA Officers)

Write formally on behalf of the TRA to Councillors and to Hackney Homes to make opposition to gates proposal clear (Francine Rump)
Done. Lisa Linpower subsequently met with Cllr Chris McShane to discuss. Due to the combination of the TRA’s response and budget pressures, Hackney Homes have shelved the scheme for at least a year, and possibly permanently. Cllr McShane suggested that this year the TRA should do its own security consultation to see what improvements residents would like to improve the sense of security on the estate. 

Contact Wayne Hibberd to chase Lockner EIB planting (Naila Tufail)
Not done. Nick Chikwe to follow up.

Contact Hackney Homes to request correction to EIB bin area fencing on Kingsgate Estate (Naila Tufail)
Not done. Nick Chikwe to follow up.

Notify Hackney Homes that some of the planned 184 works on the Kingsgate Estate are already complete and should not be redone (Francine Rump)


Invite representatives for painting works team to next TRA meeting (Naila Tufail)
Not done. Nick Chikwe to follow up.

Call Hackney Homes to report water collecting on roof of Kingsgate sheds (Margaret Compton)
Done. Checked with Peter (cleaning supervisor). Apparently cleaners not allowed to clear on top of sheds. Possible that gutters are causing a blockage and need cleaning – Nick Chikwe to follow up.

2. Security/gates consultation – Hackney Homes have postponed and possibly cancelled the proposed security gate scheme for Lockner, but we think it would still be worth finding out what we could do to improve the feeling of security on both estates. 
Agreed as a group that we would like to set up a security consultation with residents. TRA committee to pursue if possible.
3. Community events ideas – we’d like to do more community events on both estates. Any suggestions or volunteers?
This can be funded from the Tenant Levy. The TRA already has one levy in the back account, earmarked for theatre tickets. Those present agreed that it would be good to spend this on a trip to a West End musical (probably Sister Act or Wicked), tickets being first come first served, coach transport included, and a nominal amount (£5-10) contributed per person to ensure that they are used. May bank holiday may be a good time to do this.

The form for the next tenant levy has just come out; Lisa will complete it to get funding for a summer event. Ideas at the meeting were:

  • day trip to France
  • picnic or fete on the estates
  • Easter egg hunt
  • theatre trip
  • museum or art gallery trip

4. New Treasurer needed – Robert, our new Treasurer who joined in December, is moving away. Any volunteers to fill the role, ideally someone from Kingsgate?
Yvette volunteered to take on some of the Treasurer’s responsibilities, as long as she could manage it with other work pressures. Yvette and Francine to discuss outside the meeting to work out how this might work.
5. Kingsgate Hall roof

See (1).

6. Lockner community flat – can we rent/lend this to more community groups?

Those present agreed that it would be desirable for the flat to be better used by people on the estate. Lisa has been working on getting gas safety and insurance certificates up to date. Possibly UK Online or NHS groups could use the space. Flat first needs some repairs/maintenance – Nick to request a site visit from HH to check what needs to be done.

7. Any other business

Kingsgate Tower fire doors works have not started on time, were scheduled for 15th March – Nick to check when the works will start.

Some Lockner residents would like to clear and to grow some things in the garden of the community flat as a community project. It was agreed by those present that this would be a good idea as long as it didn’t cause a mess in the flat itself; those using the garden can use the back gate entrance instead of needing to come in and out through the flat.

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