Minutes 16.09.2009

Minutes from Lockner & Kingsgate Residents’ Association AGM
16th September 2009
Kingsgate Hall
Action items:
  • Chase Hackney Homes again for a start date on Lockner playground works (Francine Rump)
  • Start Kingsgate Tower flooring installation once lift works completed (Nick Chambers)
  • Formal enquiry about repair/replacement schedule for Kingsgate Hall roof – carried over from last two meetings (Naila Tufail/Sam Lewis/Cllr Icoz)
  • Provide information on next time Lockner Estate external areas are due for repainting – carried over from last meeting (Naila Tufail)
  • Provide written Treasurer’s and Chair’s reports for this year to Hackney Homes (TRA Officers)
  • Communication to existing TRA members to try and find a new Chair and Treasurer (Sam Lewis/TRA Officers)
1. Update on action items from last meeting
Contact Cllr McShane to see whether any progress on his enquiry re support for vulnerable residents to manage gardens – carried over from last meeting (Francine Rump): Done. Not much support is available directly from Hackney Homes, but Age Concern may be able to offer support if residents can contact them directly.

Clarify responsibility for communicating 184 and Estate walkabout timings, update noticeboards on estates with latest times (Naila Tufail/Sam Lewis): The Neighbourhood Office are responsible for setting and communicating walkabout timings through Hackney Homes publications, but will not necessarily post dates up on the estates. Naila has agreed with the Residents’ Association that she will email a document with dates which we can post up around the estates as needed.

Follow up again with Hackney Homes/Councillors on Lockner gates proposal info request – carried over from last meeting (Francine Rump): No progress. The proposal appears to be stuck in LB Hackney planning, who are not responding to either the TRA’s or Hackney Homes’ requests for information.
Follow up with Richard Miles to clarify any further funding needed to complete Lockner play areas, and when and how this work will be completed – carried over from last meeting (Naila Tufail): Partly done. The problems with the play area will be made good at no cost to residents of the estate, this will be funded partly by the contractor whose mistakes have caused problems, and partly by LB Hackney. The specific works to be completed are: installing swing seats, resiting the mushrooms, and replacing the flooring across the area as needed. TRA is still awaiting a start date for works.
Find and provide to the TRA a copy of the rules or guidelines on what EIB money can be used for (Naila Tufail): Done. TRA and Neighbourhood Office both have a copy of these now.
Check whether Tenant Levy can be used to fund Community Hall equipment – carried over from last meeting (Sam Lewis): Done. Yes this would be possible, but only if the TRA is willing to become formal managers of the Community Hall, which is not the case at present.
Decision on whether to go ahead with spending Mast Money to waterproof Kingsgate Tower (Nick Chambers): Done. The decision was to go ahead with this work, since it’s well within budget and would be beneficial to all residents of the Tower. Currently holding off starting works, since the works to the existing lift area could damage new flooring.
Formal enquiry about repair/replacement schedule for Kingsgate Hall roof – carried over from last meeting (Naila Tufail): Still no progress. Naila believes that Jackie Loftus from Hackney Homes is responsible for this, but has not been able to contact her. Sam to chase. Cllr Icoz will also contact Hackney Homes about this, as the roof has been in disrepair for a long time and is unsuitable for a nursery.
Provide information on next time Lockner Estate external areas are due for repainting (Naila Tufail): Still not known. Naila to chase again.
Once clarification on spending rules received, classify EIB and 184 spending proposals from meeting appropriately and submit to Hackney Homes for consideration (Francine Rump): Done. Final proposals submitted were:
  • To Estate Improvement Budget:
    • Provide planters with flowers/bedding plants) (& cover the maintenance costs from EIB if needed) on both Lockner and Kingsgate Estates – locations and exact designs (to EIB). This is currently awaiting costing by Grounds Maintenance dept.
    • Fence off bin area near 51 Kingsgate Estate to reduce ability of people to use the hidden area for anti-social behaviour. Done, cost £1600.
  • To 184 budget:
  • Repair or replace bin doors on Lockner bin areas as appropriate, including rubber dampers (doors are close to people’s bedroom windows and are currently noisy) – costed at £6301 (was originally proposed for EIB but would have used up too much budget)
  • Replace uneven surface tarmac around bins at 79-122 Kingsgate
  • Put signage next to the bin areas making it clear that they are not areas for dumping bulk waste, and giving contact details for LB Hackney’s free bulk waste pickup.
  • Paving improvements on Lockner:
    • Remove old small ‘pyramid’ cobbled areas under walkways on de Beauvoir Sq side of Lockner Estate
    • Replace broken paving slabs around perimeter of estate
    • Add paving slabs outside play area gates where grass is getting worn away
2. Any other business
The TRA Officers wanted to note thanks to Cllr Chris McShane, who has provided a lot of help to the residents of both estates this year in resolving issues with Hackney Homes.
Noted that the noticeboards installed on the Kingsgate Estate are not suitable for being put up outdoors as they were, and that two of them have been stolen. It was requested that in 2010 we should spend some EIB money on lockable outdoor boards similar to those on the Lockner Estate.
3. Annual Reports from Chair and Treasurer
The Treasurer (Winston Henry) was not present at the meeting so there was no Treasurers’ Report. It was noted that no money has been spent from the TRA account this year as far as the Officers present knew.
The Chair gave a short summary of the TRA’s work this year. Highlights included:
  • Extensive work with Hackney Homes to understand and discuss their proposal to gate the Lockner Estate (still ongoing)
  • Resolution of problems with the EIB last year, leading to a fully spent budget this year with plans to make a number of improvements to both estates as outlined above (still ongoing)
  • A number of meetings to try and resolve the status of the Kingsgate playgroup in the Community Hall (still ongoing)
  • Planned repairs to the Lockner play area, which was never properly completed when first built
  • Four quarterly meetings dealing with numerous smaller issues
4. Election of new Officers and Members of the association
To Chair: None.
To Vice-Chair: Simeon Bennett.
To Secretary: Francine Rump.
To Treasurer: None.
To Panel Representative: None.
The Vice-Chair agreed to act as Treasurer until a new person to fill the role can be found.
Sam Lewis agreed to contact all current Association Members to try and find replacements for the Chair and Treasurer, since the TRA can’t be recognised by Hackney Homes without these roles being filled.

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