Minutes 15.10.2010

Minutes from meeting of 15th December 2010

Sam Lewis (Hackney Homes, Resident Participation Officer)
Dora Ede (Hackney Homes, team leader – representing estate manager who was unavailable)
Lisa Linpower (Chair)
Jenny Duval (Treasurer)
Francine Bennett (Secretary)
Suely Castro (Dorset Court)

Action items
1.    confirm future walkabout dates (DE)
2.    provide update on progress on jobs from last walkabout (DE)
3.    confirm estimated costs of aerial scheme to leaseholders (DE)
4.    provide update on soundproofing of football pitch under 184 (DE)
5.    request info from Marcio about pressure washing of communal areas inc mouldy handrails on upper floors (FB)
6.    clarify whether Lulworth Court water repairs are inside the estate boundary (FB)
7.    discuss fireworks event idea with DBA (LL)
8.    attend security meeting on 27th Jan (All)
9.    follow up with a plan for garden amnesty (JD)
10.    propose cleaners’ sheds as alternative site for recycling bins (FB)


Update from Hackney Homes
1.    unable to provide update on action items from last estate walkabout; action to provide a written update (DE)
2.    DE apologised for lack of Hackney Homes attendance at most recent walkabout, due to lack of communication during change in staff. Kola Akanbi will be new estate manager from now on, with DE as manager. Proposed that walkabouts should be reduced to 3-monthly but should be more fully followed up by Hackney Homes, with clear communication about which items would be immediately fixed and which would need to go through budgets such as 184. Those present agreed that this is a good idea if it improves overall results.
3.    Communal TV aerial: this will be installed during first quarter of next financial year subject to funding. DE to confirm the costs of this to leaseholders.
4.    184 and EIB update:
1.    community flat new flooring completed
2.    deep clean of flat awaiting costing
3.    dog waste signs and bins installed
4.    sound proofing of football pitch cage: progress unclear, DE to follow up
1.    Ice and snow: DE confirmed that cleaning crew have grit stored on site for icy patches and should be using it to keep shared walkways and stairs safe for use. Residents should contact Marcio the cleaning manager by email or mobile (number is on the estate noticeboards) with any concerns or specific issues relating to cleaning.
2.    General cleaning: noted that the estate is generally quite dirty at present, and in particular there’s a lot of mould on upper floors. FB to request info from Marcio about whether we can get it pressure washed.
3.    Water works at Lulworth Court: these are still ongoing. FB to clarify whether the works are within the estate boundary and therefore whether it’s a H Homes issue.

Security gates
We had final confirmation from Hackney Homes that the proposed security gating scheme is not going ahead.
Security meeting to take place on the estate on 27th Jan with buildings and security experts, to give residents a chance to discuss and prioritise ideas about what security improvements might be more welcome on the estate.

All 35 tickets for the panto went on the first day so this will be a really popular event.
Pensioners’ movie night was less popular despite door-knocking beforehand by Lisa and Jon. If we have future movie nights might expand the age range and ensure people are definitely coming beforehand.

Garden amnesty idea
Jenny proposed offering  a ‘garden amnesty’ for volunteers to help out older tenants who can’t look after their gardens. Noted that Hackney Homes also provides probation service workers to help with gardens so volunteers & probation could work together. Jenny to follow up.

Fireworks proposal
Lisa proposed running a joint fireworks night with the DBA next winter using our tenant levy. Agreed by all present that this would be a good community event. Lisa to follow up.

Discussion of recycling sites proposed by Kristen Barnard from LB Hackney (not present).
Still concerns that the proposed sites were too close to living room windows/garden fences of residents. Alternative proposal that some or all of the cleaners’ sheds, which are free standing and further from houses, could be used for recycling facility and the cleaners use an alternate store. FB to propose to Kristen.

Government cuts
Planned attendee from Hackney Alliance was postponed to next meeting due to low attendance.
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