Minutes 15.08.2012


Minutes from meeting of 15th August 2012 – AGM


Gulay Icoz (Councillor) Jon Hoskins (vice-Chair) Francine Bennett (Secretary) Edd Southerden (Dorset Court) Joe Cranston Turner (Blandford Court) Brian Burton (Dorset Court) Danny Turton (Dorchester Court) Sarah Honeywell (Blandford Court) Maria Sanchez (Dorset Court) Abi Marquis (Hackney Homes) Sam Lewis (Hackney Homes) Patricia Agboifo (Hackney Homes) Stephanie Irvine (Growing Communities)


Lisa Linpower (Chair) Jenny Duval (Treasurer)

Action items:

● Speak to Peter Roberts at Hackney Homes and get a clearer timescale for resolution of painting works plan, as well as to try and get more clarity on method statement and price quote (PA)

● Update TRA about painting works discussion among Councillors (GI)

● Ask Anthony Stenning about the possibility of putting scuff guards on electrical

cupboards when repainted, and the possibility of building a ramp to upper floors (FB)

● Arrange apology letter to those affected by recent scaffolding works without notice (PA)

● Consultation (leaflets and door-knocking) on Growing Communities salad growing

proposal (SI) ● Supply information about TMOs to the TRA (SL)

● Look into how to establish who owns which pram sheds (JCT)


1. AGM reports

JH read to the reports from the Chair and Treasurer, who could not be present. The reports are copied below.

2. AGM elections

Lisa Linpower (Chair), Jon Hoskins (vice-Chair), and Francine Bennett (Secretary) were re- elected. Jenny Duval stood down as Treasurer, and Joe Cranston Turner was elected into that role. Francine Bennett was elected as Panel Representative.

3. Updates on painting scheme

PA and AM were unable to provide any update on the scheme, other than that it was ‘on hold’. Those present requested much more clarity on what happens next and on expected timescales, as it’s been 2 months since we were told that they were looking into it ‘ASAP’ and there has been no further communication. PA to follow up to get more information from other parts of Hackney Homes, since they had no further information.

GI believes that Councillors are also following this issue up separately, and will update the TRA on progress.

4. Other updates from Hackney Homes

PA gave an update from Hackney Homes.

● They have completed all their action items from last TRA meeting

● Last year’s 184 works are still ongoing. BB suggested that painting of electrical cupboards will just get damaged again due to movement of bins, and that some scuff guard would be a good thing. FB to follow up with Antony Stenning next week

● Emergency scaffolding was put up last weekend in some gardens to fix some leaks on upper floor balconies, without advance notice to those whose houses were affected. AM and PA said that they’re not aware of this kind of work and that there was no notification because the works were an emergency. After some discussion, they agreed to send a letter to those who were affected to apologise for the short notice.

5. Presentation from Growing Communities

Stephanie Irvine came to present a proposal from Growing Communities to use an area of grass on the estate as part of their ‘Patchwork Farm’ salad growing project. Growing Communities is a community vegetable growing scheme, which supplies locally grown food to local residents. They are trying to find small plots of land in the area which their apprentices grow salad beds on, and they think that several plots on Lockner may be suitable. They are also starting to use several other plots on other estates. The benefits to the estate would be increased biodiversity (plants and flowers), and the growers will be onsite one day a week and are happy to give advice and guidance to residents.

Those present agreed the scheme sounded very interesting but that more consultation would be needed. SI and JH will leaflet the estate and door-knock those people directly adjoining the suggested plots for more feedback, and we’ll aim to reach a decision at the next open TRA meeting in November.

6. Any other business

● SL suggested that Lockner Estate consider becoming a TMO. She will forward more information on what that would mean.

● JCT asked how residents can gain use of a pram shed; the sheds are very useful to those on upper floors who have prams or bikes that they don’t want to carry up the stairs. PA and AM don’t know who uses the current sheds and have no system for checking, and no intention of creating such a system. They agreed that if JCT wishes to take a lead on finding out who uses the current sheds, in order to get more access for residents, then they will support the initiative.

● MS asked about the possibility of building a ramp to upper floors for taking up prams or bikes. Those present weren’t sure whether this is going to be feasible, but FB will raise with Anthony Stenning

Papers for TRA meeting, 15th August 2012 Agenda for meeting

● AGM reports ● AGM elections – Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and representative for the wider

TRA panel

● Update on painting plans from Hackney Homes. ● Other updates from Hackney Homes.

○ Update on all Hackney Homes action items from last meeting ○ Update on progress of last year’s 184 works ○ Explanation of what’s happening with scaffolding ○ Any other updates

● Presentation from Growing Communities of proposal to grow salad on a part of the estate grounds.

● Any other business from people present

Lockner TRA Chairs Report 2011-2012 (Lisa Linpower)

It has been an active year for Lockner TRA, we have all been kept very busy. The Lockner Estate website is up and running at locknerestate.com, thanks to Jenny Duval.

The football pitch on Lockner was soundproofed following residents complaints about balls knocking the metal cage causing it to ‘clang’ loudly late into summer nights. Work was carried out by Hackney Homes, although residents are not confident that the work has been sucessful in blunting the noise.

The water supply to Dorset court has been reinstated for the cleaners to use, it was previously unconnected for over ten years!

3 blossom trees were bought and planted by the TRA on the corner of Hertford road.

Borders on Lockner were cleared and replanted by Hackney Homes and make the estate look a lot better.

The community flat drainage problem, which has been on going for years, causing frequent flooding, has finally been resolved. The TRA have had health and safety approval to rent the flat out to generate some additional income for the TRA. The flat has been redecorated and rented out to Tigerlily films.

The 184 (which is a budget for planned improvements on Hackney Homes estates) requests are still pending.

Hackney Homes planned to repaint Lockner this summer, which would be welcomed and is needed. However the cost of approx £2,800 per property to leaseholders appeared to be very high. The TRA challenged this cost with Hackney homes, and work has now been postponed pending review of the contract under which it was to be carried out under. A Notice of Proposal for the new painting contract will be issued once discussions between Procurement and Legal Services have consulted. It is anticipated that Lockner Estate will only be entered onto a planned painting programme once the new contract is established.

Security on Blandford remains an issue with residents continuing to experience antisocial behaviour on the stairwells. The TRA has started to explore the possibility of installing three security doors on the stairwell entrances on Blandford. A meeting will be held with a Q&A session with Hackney Homes planners, and there will be a vote for all Blandford residents before the TRA so much as requests Hackney Homes to look into this possibility. If residents want the TRA to request the doors, Hackney Homes will carry out their own consultation.

Social events: Christmas panto tickets were popular this year, thirty two Lockner Residents went along to see Jack and the Beanstalk at Hackney Empire, and it was enjoyed by all. For the smaller children a Christmas party was organised by a group of Lockner Mum’s in the Crypt at St Peters. 40 children attended and enjoyed soft play, food, drink, a toddler dance class and a surprise visit from Father Christmas himself. The summer Big Lunch Jubilee party was a big success with over 60 residents attending, a visit from the fire brigade, live music, plenty of food, drink and games.

Reelections: Apologies that I can not be there tonight – I’m needed in Bournemouth for a family emergency. I’d love to stand as chair again this year.