Minutes 13.04.2011

Minutes from TRA meeting of 13th April 2011


Sam Lewis (Hackney Homes, Resident Participation Officer)

Abi Marquis (Hackney Homes, estate manager)

Lisa Linpower (Chair)

Jon Hoskins (Vice Chair)

Jenny Duval (Treasurer)

Francine Bennett (Secretary)

Councillor Tom Ebbutt

Kim Byrne

Winston Henry

Thomas OReilley

Brian Burton

Cloud Downey

Simeon Bennett

Action items

Schedule deep clean of flat with Hackney Homes (LL)
Meet with metalworks contractors for football pitch and report back to TRA (KB)
Escalate walkabout items to Nii Amon Nikoi (FB/LL)
Pass thanks to Deborah Dade for Decent Homes help (FB)
Query whether there will be electricity payments related to Decent Homes (FB)
Schedule health and safety check for community flat (JL)
Forward information on Met Works parking problem to TE to try and escalate (KB)
Highlight wiring issues on Blandford to Hackney Homes (FB)
Request Nii to look into hazardous materials stored in garages (FB)
Query how cost per flat is calculated for aerial works (FB)
Ask Grounds Maintenance to either confirm when borders/grass areas will be dealt with, or allow residents to do the work and recharge for our services (AM)


Update on EIB and 184 works

These have all been completed except for deep clean of the flat and soundproofing on football area. Deep clean to be scheduled by Hackney Homes this month.

KB is meeting with Hackney Homes proposed contractors for football pitch tomorrow, after they missed initial appointments. Unsure how competent they are to do this kind of work, so those present agreed that KB will feed back after meeting and if the contractors can’t show that they have a workable proposal and relevant experience then we should push Hackney Homes to appoint more able contractors to do the job. This may have cost implications so we might have to revisit budgets.

Results of walkabout from November 2010

AM unable to provide a full update on this; she has emailed for updates but can’t say what progress there has been on most items. Those present argued that 5 months is completely unacceptable timescale to resolve minor issues, and there appears to be no process other than estate manager sending emails to try and push progress.

FB/LL to escalate to Nii Amon Nikoi at Hackney Homes to push for progress, no point in having further walkabouts until these issues can be resolved.

Better Homes works

WH and CD both very satisfied with the standard of Better Homes work inside their houses, although they have taken much longer than scheduled (7 weeks for CD).

Noted that Mulalleys contractors should have hi-viz jackets with ID numbers, please note these in the case of any problems (although KB pointed out that not all contractors have these in reality). Mulalleys have promised to return & jet wash after works are complete in May to ensure estate is returned to its previous standard.

Query from CD: will there be a recharge/compensation for electricity usage in the flats as there has been when there were previous works? Contractors used quite a lot of heavy tools which has an impact on electricity bills, especially for pensioners and those on small incomes.

TRA notes thanks to Deborah Dade at Hackney Homes for her work in liasing with residents during works.

Renting out the community flat

SL said that we cannot rent out the flat until Jackie Loftus has scheduled Health and Safety check. KB volunteered to supervise/discuss this check as she has expertise in this area.

Communal aerial scheme

After querying projected £380 cost with Hackney Homes, they confirmed that a contractor has already been engaged borough-wide and that they believe this to be good value considering the access and cabling required. They believe that they have fulfilled their legal obligations to notify leaseholders of projected costs and will send notices 30 days before the start of each piece of work.

KB queried how the cost per flat is calculated as it appears from notification that she has received that smaller blocks get charged more. FB to check this with Hackney Homes.

Care for borders and grass areas

Poor care of borders (weeding/watering) was noted in November walkabout and has seen no action. It’s now spring and if not addressed, the borders will miss out on another growing season. JD asked if we volunteer to take on maintenance of these, can we recharge Hackney Homes for our services? AM to ask Grounds Maintenance.

Recycling bin locations

Discussed the suggested location for recycling bins in the existing cleaners’ shed. Two concerns were raised:

this might worsen fox and littering problems with extra rubbish dropped around the area
may be a piecemeal solution – would be better to integrate recycling into the estate design as a whole

Big lunch plans for the summer

The big lunch is being planned for 5th June 2011 on the estate. Please keep diaries free.

We have allocated £600 from the tenant levy budget to fund this. Those present agreed that they are happy to spend this on the lunch.

Security survey progress

This is still ongoing – we still have some blocks to go, and then Sean Whelan will come back with some specific security proposals for the estate.

Any other business

Some garages are still full of flammable materials (tyres, oildrums, etc). FB to raise with Nii at Hackney Homes and request that they look into this as it’s hazardous
We’re doing some gradual work on the community flat garden to grow some flowers and vegetables. Anyone interested in getting involved, please let FB know.
Outside lights along Blandford Court are going out, and this seems to be a wiring problem rather than lightbulbs. Same problem previously on Lulworth. FB to highlight to Hackney Homes to make sure they realise this is the problem rather than bulbs.
Issue on St Peter’s Way with Met Works blocking parking bays every Friday with their goods ready for loading – Hackney Parking Services haven’t yet taken effective action. KB to forward information to TE to try and escalate.

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