Minutes 11.05.2012


Minutes from meeting of 11th April 2012


Peter Mountain (Hackney Homes, on behalf of estate manager Abi Marquis)

Robert Chapman (Councillor)

Lisa Linpower (Chair)

Jon Hoskins (vice-Chair)

Jenny Duval (Treasurer)

Francine Bennett (Secretary)

Katie Cross (Swanage Court)

Gemma Southerden (Dorset Court)

Edd Southerden (Dorset Court)

Cloud Downey (Blandford Court)

Mr O’Reilly (Blandford Court)

Action items

  1. Contact the person named on the letter to find out what ‘observations’ on painting works mean. (KC)
  2. Clarify what ‘draft programme’ means for painting and why only one block has been contacted about this programme. (PM)
  3. Get progress update and completion dates for last year’s 184 works (PM)
  4. Find and fix broken security lights across the whole estate (PM)
  5. Clarify when aerial works and removal of dishes will be complete (PM)
  6. Raise repair for leaking pipe outside 45 Blandford Court, which has been broken for a long time despite repeated reports (PM)
  7. Query whether door entry to Blandford Court only could be installed (LL)
  8. Raise possibility of getting rid of garages on Blandford Court with Hackney Homes (LL)
  9. Try and find out who owns which pram shed at present, and suggest a plan for creating a waiting list and identifying unused sheds (KC)
  10. Review legal rights and obligations of leaseholders with respect to high-priced works (FB)
  11. Contact FB by Friday 13th with update on action items (PM)
  12. Communicate to Hackney Homes that we need representatives to TRA meetings to have all background information, in order to participate usefully in meeting (PM)
  13. Follow up with recycling team to see if any new recycling solutions on offer to estate residents (FB)


1. Updates from Chair

  1. The Jubilee party is going ahead on 3rd June, planned by a committee of mums on the estate. All present were invited to get involved if interested. There will be bunting, food (baked potatoes and ice cream van), and party activities.
  2. Water supply is still switched off, which means the cleaner can’t clean properly. Formal complaint now submitted by JD.
  3. Lights still out of order in several locations across the estate. PM confirmed that this is cleaners’ responsibility to identify and follow up broken lights. PM to follow up existing broken lights.

2. Updates from Hackney Homes

  1. 184 update: PM unsure of progress on last year’s programme. To follow up
  2. Aerials programme: PM unsure of next steps. To follow up

PM is leaving Hackney Homes next week. He’ll contact FB by Friday 13th April with progress updates. Anything that is not completed, he will hand over to Dora Ede.

Chair noted that Hackney Homes’ participation in this meeting was not helpful or constructive, as PM was unaware of any background to issues and had almost no information on updates that were requested, especially as he is leaving HH in a week so is unlikely to be able to follow up any issues. Requested that he discuss this with team and ensure that next time a representative is sent who has relevant information and ability to follow up issues.

3. 184 progress and ideas for next year

JD gave an update on 184 progress year to date, and noted that a number of works requested last year aren’t yet complete. The TRA has found the process extremely time consuming and frustrating, having to correct job lists multiple times and yet the works from a year ago still haven’t been finished. PM to follow up on progress.

The 184 walkabout to agree possible works for the next financial year will be on Monday 16th April. Those present discussed ideas for items this year, and had three suggestions:

  1. Silencing work on large bin doors (this has been done in the past but perhaps not properly; doors still clang loudly)
  2. Install large planters in open areas, either with or without plants; planting and plant maintenance by Hackney Homes in previous years has been poor, so we could manage that part ourselves. This would brighten the area up. CD suggested he might be able to manage one planter as a volunteer.
  3. Mirrors on staircases on Blandford Court. These staircases are still a focus for antisocial behaviour; it would be reassuring to residents to be able to see if anyone is on the stairs before going up them.

4. Proposed painting works

The TRA has been told that Lockner is on the ‘draft programme’ for 2012-2013 painting. PM was unable to say what that meant specifically.

KC had received a letter saying that Swanage Court was due for painting, at a proposed cost of £30k or £3k per flat, inviting ‘observations’ by 4th May.

Those present agreed that, while painting is needed, a potential cost of £3k per household was alarming and disproportionate, especially as the timing is not clear.

KC to contact the person named on the letter to find out what ‘observations’ mean.

PM to clarify what ‘draft programme’ means and why only one block has been contacted about this programme.

5. Antisocial behaviour on Blandford Court

Mr O’Reilly noted that antisocial behaviour on Blandford Court at evenings and weekends is still a major issue, despite some extra patrols by PCSOs. He has seen problems with drug users and smokers hanging around in stairwells, people sitting on the concrete ‘bench’ area outside Blandford Court late at night and causing mess and trouble, urination, rubbish, and people using the bin area for sex acts.

While we’ve not been able to previously find an acceptable approach to securing Blandford Court, there’s clearly still a problem. TRA will raise this again with Hackney Homes to see if it’s possible to secure just the Blandford stairwells with door entry systems.

6. Garages

It seems that some kind of dangerous material is being removed from the garages by Hackney Homes, possibly asbestos (PM unaware of what). It also appears that most garages are being rented by non-residents.

Those present agreed that removing the garages might actually improve the ASB problems on Blandford, as they remove a hiding place between Blandford Court and the street. They are also underused by residents. Agreed to tentatively float the idea of removing the garages altogether with Hackney Homes – although ambitious and possibly controversial, it would be worth exploring as could give a big improvement to residents’ quality of life.

7. Pram sheds

KC noted that she would like to rent a pram shed for bike storage, but that neighbourhood office have no waiting list or information on who is currently using which shed. Those at the meeting with sheds had got them by taking over derelict sheds rather than through any formal process. Given how useful they are, agreed that it would be helpful to residents to have at least a waiting list.

KC agreed to try at the Jubilee party to find out who had which shed, and whether they were still in use (we suspect that quite a lot of them are just long-term storage or even unused).

8. Shoreditch Citizens / damp campaign

JH is working with Shoreditch Citizens to do door-knocking on the estate and find people with damp problems, to campaign to get them fixed. Shoreditch Citizens have already secured a large amount of Hackney Homes funding to start sorting out this problem.

If you or neighbours have issues with damp, please pass on details to JH.

9. Recycling and composting facilities

There was a proposal for doing a composting facility test at the last meeting; however, the TRA has since then received a letter of strong objection to this, with concerns of possibly attracting rats. LL to follow up with Sara Ladkani (who proposed the facility) and the letter writer to see if a compromise can be reached.

GS noted that it is still not possible to recycle within the estate, nor to use kerbside scheme as Hackney will only pick up from houses not flats. FB to follow up with recycling team to check if they have changed policy or have any new ideas for recycli

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