Minutes 11.04.2009

Lockner & Kingsgate

Tenants’ and Residents’ Association Open Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 11th March 2009, 7pm

Community Hall, Kingsgate Estate


Name Role/home estate
Nick Chambers Chair / Kingsgate Estate
Francine Rump Secretary / Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Winston Henry Treasurer / Lockner Estate, Blandford Court
Francesca Pecci Kingsgate Estate
Chris McShane Councillor
M A Compton Kingsgate Estate
K Dolan Lockner Estate, Blandford Court
Ian Clark Hackney Homes
Anita ?Dai Kingsgate Estate
Beatrice Bala Kingsgate Estate
Rossana de Macedo Kingsgate Estate
Richard Mumford Lockner Estate, Poole Court



Simeon Bennett, Kathy Kelliher, Sam Lewis, Cllr Robert Chapman


Contact Hackney Homes re support for vulnerable residents to manage gardens (Cllr McShane)

Contact LB Hackney Refuse for update on date of removal of dead bin from Lockner (Ian Clark)

Provide Dumping hotline number (Ian Clark)

Agree April walkabout dates and times (Ian Clark, Francine Rump)

Revisit request for basic information on Lockner gates proposal (Ian Clark, Francine Rump)

Follow up immediately with Richard Miles to clarify any further funding needed to complete Lockner play areas, and when and how this work will be completed (Ian Clark)

Check when/how Hackney Homes will repair Kingsgate play area (Ian Clark)

Provide info on issue & pricing for Lockner garden fences, discuss with Hackney Homes whether can be funded from EIB (Richard Mumford, Ian Clark)

Check whether Community Hall equipment can be funded from Tenant Levy (Ian Clark)

Price quote for floor waterproofing in Kingsgate Tower (Ian Clark)

Contact Safer Neighbourhoods re attempted breakins at Kingsgate Tower (Ian Clark)

Formal enquiry about repair/replacement schedule for Kingsgate Hall roof (Ian Clark)



1.    Update from Hackney Homes on outstanding requests from previous TRA meetings

Ian Clark gave a detailed update on behalf of Hackney Homes: most of these issues have been resolved. Further actions and questions resulting from the update were:

–         Cllr McShane will contact Hackney Homes to raise the issue of vulnerable residents who are unable to manage their gardens, to see whether support can be made available (specifically referring to 21 Blandford Court, but Ian identified that this is a common issue)

Refuse section say that they have “actioned” removal of dead bins from Lockner Estate, but they are in fact still there. Ian to speak to them again to confirm the removal/replacement date.

–         Maintenance of gardens and fencing – see EIB item below

Ian to provide Dumping hotline number to TRA members.

–         Walkabout schedule. We will hold the April Lockner walkabout at 8am as an experiment; this would allow a lot of people with jobs to attend.

–         Security gates (Lockner) – TRA still hasn’t seen full plans or basic information on the reasons for the scheme, despite many requests. Fran (TRA secretary) to pass detail on requests so far to Ian; Ian to raise again with LB Hackney.

2.    Update from Hackney Homes on EIB balance/corrections, and agreement on course of next action.

Summary update: £7802 available per year. £6586 apparently charged to the budget for 2008/9 financial year; however, not clear what all items are which have been charged, and some were definitely not requested by TRA (e.g. £1980 on pinboards).

Ian advised that deadline for spending this budget is fast approaching (“next few weeks”). TRA will not be able to get an extension to this deadline, even though failure to spend is partly due to Hackney Homes’ failure to provide clear information on the budget balance in a timely fashion. Therefore it was agreed that in the interest of not wasting the available funds, given time pressure, that:

–         The 08/09 budget will first be used to complete works at Lockner play area, which are still incomplete. Ian will follow up with Richard Miles immediately to clarify whether any invoices remain to be charged on this, and when the works will be complete.

–         Kingsgate play area requires repair. This is probably a Hackney Homes responsibility; however, some budget should be used for this repair if Hackney Homes are not willing to deal with it promptly.

–         Anything remaining from the 08/09 budget will be used for remedial work to the fencing facing on to de Beauvoir Square from gardens on the Lockner Estate. Richard Mumford will provide Ian with photos illustrating the problem and a price quote for the works; Ian will communicate this to the relevant department in Hackney Homes to see whether this can be done within the criteria of the budget.

–         The TRA’s understanding is that the 09/10 budget has historically been agreed to be committed to the Kingsgate estate, in exchange for Lockner taking the full 08/09 amount. At the next TRA meeting we will discuss and agree plans for spending this budget, to avoid the same situation of late decisions arising again.

3.      Proposals for spending Tenant Levy

Two possibilities were raised:

–         tickets for a show at the Hackney Empire – generally agreed that this is better for Christmas pantomimes.

–         Spending on better amenities for Kingsgate Community Hall. Ian to check whether this is allowed within the terms of the Levy.


4.      Any Other Business

l        It was proposed that the Kingsgate mast money be used to put down a waterproof floor covering on the concrete floor in the Kingsgate tower, where there is a continued problem with people or animals urinating. Ian to get a price quotation for this work.

l        Flat in Kingsgate Tower is secured because of some crime that has taken place there, but someone is returning repeatedly and trying to break in, so it needs to be better secured. Ian to pass this on to Safer Neighbourhoods team.

l        Community Hall roof badly needs repair, and has done for some time. It’s now leaking into an electrical cupboard so is definitely dangerous, especially for nursery users. Apparently it would cost £3-5k to replace. Ian to raise a formal enquiry about the schedule for repair or replacement.

l        No money yet received from SureStart as TRA have not yet invoiced them for use of the hall.

l        Damp problem in many flats on the corner of Kingsgate Tower. May possibly have been resolved now when cold water tank above the flats was repaired. Leaseholders advised to claim on their household insurance for any water damage.

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