Minutes 10.09.2008

Lockner & Kingsgate

Resident Association  Open Meeting


Wednesday 10th September 2008,


 Community Hall, Kingsgate Estate




Name Role / home estate
Nick Chambers TRA Chair / Kingsgate Estate
Simeon Bennett TRA Vice Chair / Lockner Estate
Francine Rump TRA Secretary / Lockner Estate
Winston Henry TRA Treasurer / Lockner Estate
John Wood
Lambert Dyke
Jackie Loftus Hackney Homes
Ian Clark Hackney Homes
Gulay Icoz De Beauvoir Councillor, Hackney Council
Yvette Alie
Denise Webb
Mandy Linard
Eliza Aspinall
Rachael Riding Hackney Council Recycling Officer
Lynda Sparks Lockner Estate
H Buttis Kingsgate Estate
J Snaith Kingsgate Estate
K Dolan Blandford Court, Lockner Estate
L Buttis
T Gibson
Nalja Sliznova
M A Compton Kingsgate Estate
Seelah Rughov Kingsgate Hall Playgroup
B Bala Kingsgate Estate
Sarah Conneely Kingsgate Estate


Apologies: Carl Levoir (Hackney Homes – Lockner Gates scheme), Cllr Robert Chapman, Cllr Chris McShane


Rachael Riding to contact flats near proposed recycling bins by letter by end of September requesting comment, then bring responses back to TRA officers.

TRA officers/Kingsgate Playgroup to meet on 24th September to further discuss the issue of rental agreements for Kingsgate Hall.

Ian Clark to send copy of Lockner Estate gates planning proposal to TRA officers.

Ian Clark to check and inform TRA officers of EIB balance.

Ian Clark to request a feasibility study for security gates on the Kingsgate Estate.

Ian Clark to bring copy of priority tree works to next open TRA meeting and to send out a letter to residents with overgrown trees in their gardens.

Ian Clark to bring list of actions coming out of most recent walkabouts to next open TRA meeting.

Ian Clark to inform TRA officers of future walkabout times and locations.

Ian Clark to inform TRA officers of cleaning schedules for both estates, and expected minimum cleaning standards.


  1. Recycling bins proposal on Lockner Estate


Rachael Riding presented two proposed locations for a 3 month trial within the Lockner Estate. Lynda Sparks commented that she thought the bins would be too noisy next to people’s flats, although her own home was unaffected. There were not enough people present from Lockner to reach a representative decision, so it was agreed that Rachael Riding would contact those who may be affected by noise by letter asking for comments, review responses with the TRA, and then reach a decision on the trial location if any.


  1. Rental of Kingsgate Hall / Kingsgate playgroup

Hackney Homes have suggested that the TRA should enter into a formal rental agreement with the Kingsgate Hall Playgroup, which currently uses the hall rent-free, in order to receive income from the hall for estate improvements and to ensure that the hall is available for others to use as well as the playgroup. Hackney Homes has suggested a rent of £125/week for the group.

It was noted that the Playgroup has been in the hall for a very long time, is an important and positive thing for estate residents, and would find it difficult under current circumstances to pay rent for the space.

Yvette noted that the TRA should make sure that it is aware of its legal position when entering into any such contract, since it may have a duty of care towards the children and employees of the playgroup under these circumstances.

Representatives of the playgroup raised that they would be unable to pay £125/week, that it would be difficult to charge the parents higher fees.

It was agreed to take this to a separate meeting between the TRA and playgroup representatives on 24th September to work out details of what to do.

  1. Estate Improvement Grant and Mast Money

There is a substantial amount of Mast Money for the Kingsgate tower and Estate Improvement Budgets (EIB) for both estates available to spend on local improvements.

Lynda Clark noted that the previous EIB on Lockner Estate had been spent on a play area, and that she considered that Hackney Homes’ work on this had been substandard and that the current EIB should definitely not be spend on fixing faults on this play area.

There was extensive discussion of problems with drug use, antisocial behaviour, and bodily fluids (faeces, blood, etc) in communal areas, stairwells, and lifts on the Kingsgate Estate. Specific areas noted included the stairs to Kingsgate block 48-52. Residents said that the police did not respond to repeated calls at night, and that Hackney Homes’ emergency cleanup service did not always come and clean. A number of residents requested security gates on the low-rise blocks on the Kingsgate Estate. Ian Clark committed to requesting a feasibility study of such gates.

One resident suggested that the trees should be trimmed on the Kingsgate Estate communal Areas. Ian Clark said that Hackney Homes was currently compiling a list of priority works since they had insufficient budget to manage all of the trees. He committed to bringing a list of which trees would be trimmed this year to the next TRA open meeting, and also to sending out a letter to those with overgrown trees in their gardens requesting them to be trimmed.

One resident requested that the bin area by the garages on Kingsgate Estate should be fenced off, as rubbish was blowing around the area.

Residents raised that they were not informed of the time or location of estate ‘walkabouts’ where they could raise issues on cleaning or repairs, and that these walkabouts were not at a time which was practical for those with jobs. Ian Clark explained that there are a number of types of walkabouts, but that they occurred at least monthly. He committed to informing the TRA committee of the planned walkabout schedule for future months, and to reporting to the next TRA open meeting on planned actions from the last walkabout.

The Chair suggested that noticeboards should be erected with local information including walkabout times using the EIB money.

Residents raised that there had been scaffolding on the Kingsgate Estate for a long time, and that there was a problem with rats in some areas.

One resident suggested planting flowers or plants on the grass area adjoining Tottenham Road, which would stop people using it as a dumping area.

Another resident suggested more general decorative planting and benches in the area.

Another resident suggested that the Mast Money be spent on covering the stairs in the tower block in some kind of resistant material, as that would make it easier to clean the stairwells – there is currently a problem with people urinating in the stairwells and the current absorbent concrete surface holds the smell badly.

Residents said that they were unaware of current cleaning schedule and expected standards. Ian Clark committed to informing the TRA committee of this schedule.

  1. Update on proposed security gate on Lockner Estate

No update received from Hackney Homes.

Ian Clark mentioned that a planning application had been submitted. Carl Levoir had previously committed to supplying the TRA with plans as soon as available, so Ian Clark will chase this up to ensure that the TRA receives a copy as soon as possible.


  1. Any other business