Minutes 10.08.2011- EGM

Minutes from EGM on 10th August 2011

Present: Lisa Linpower, Francine Bennett, Jenny Duval, Kim Byrne and Sam Causton.

We agreed to adopt the 4 key issues below and prioritized cleaning issues as the most urgent:

1. Day to day cleaning of the estate (cleaning schedule attached), clearly an impossible task for one cleaner. Jim has made complaints to his union. Got details. With the money they are raising on a monthly basis how come we only have one cleaner for 184 flats, with a vast amount of stairs, balconies and archways? A quick calculation would suggest that we are we subsiding cleaning on other estates in Hackney. Need to know what the cleaner per household / stairwell ratio is in the borough. Have asked and received cleaning schedule from Marcio. Interesting reading. Many of the point are not met by a far stretch and he knows it and accepts that with all the good will in the world Jim just can’t do the things he’s scheduled to do. As you can gather from this ramble I’ve pretty much taken on this one.

Action: Kim to draft letter to Head of Cleaning & Environment (Jim Paterson) highlighting our issues, what we would like done & requesting help (w/e 19 Aug 2011).

Letter to be approved by committee (w/e 19  Aug 2011)

Committee to engage with other TRAs in Hackney to tackle this key issue for all estates en masse. (1month).

2. Ongoing complaint re walk about and the fact that the issues highlighted in November 2010 have not yet been rectified or so badly that they’ve actually caused damage to the estate.

Action: Fran to follow up via complaints procedure. We will hold off escalating to Ombudsman. (Ongoing – Fran)

3. Football pitch – Quote too high. Work on hold with Mel Cameron.

Action: Kim to investigate costs. Further discussions with Hackney Homes to be arranged. (Ongoing- Kim)

4. Aerial installation – Reports from estate regarding poor quality reception & confusion over payments received.

Action: Keep monitoring but until work completed on the estate it is difficult to intervene. Encourage individuals to report to Avonline & Hackney Homes. (Ongoing – All)


TRA to send letter to Hackney Homes regarding the dangerous safety issue arising from the lorry crash at the wall at Blandford Court. (Liza)

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