Minutes 10.06.2009

Minutes from Lockner & Kingsgate TRA meeting
10 June 2009
Lockner Estate Community Flat
Simeon Bennett (Vice-Chair, TRA)
Sam Lewis (Tenant Participation Officer, Hackney Homes)
Naila Tufail (Estate Manager, Hackney Homes)
Francine Rump (Secretary, TRA)
Winston Henry (Treasurer, TRA)
Richard Mumford (Resident, Lockner Estate)
[other attendees unknown – someone took the list away!]
Nick Chambers (Chair, TRA)
Patricia Dilley (Resident, Kingsgate Estate)
Action items:
  • contact Cllr McShane to see whether any progress on his enquiry re support for vulnerable residents to manage gardens – carried over from last meeting (Francine Rump)
  • clarify responsibility for communicating 184 and Estate walkabout timings, update noticeboards on estates with latest times (Naila Tufail/Sam Lewis)
  • follow up again with Hackney Homes/Councillors on Lockner gates proposal info request – carried over from last meeting (Francine Rump)
  • follow up with Richard Miles to clarify any further funding needed to complete Lockner play areas, and when and how this work will be completed – carried over from last meeting (Naila Tufail)
  • find and provide to the TRA a copy of the rules or guidelines on what EIB money can be used for (Naila Tufail)
  • check whether Tenant Levy can be used to fund Community Hall equipment – carried over from last meeting (Sam Lewis)
  • decision on whether to go ahead with spending Mast Money to waterproof Kingsgate Tower (Nick Chambers)
  • Formal enquiry about repair/replacement schedule for Kingsgate Hall roof – carried over from last meeting (Naila Tufail)
  • provide information on next time Lockner Estate external areas are due for repainting (Naila Tufail)
  • check whether contact details are available for the scaffolding on Dorset Court and if so request removal (Naila Tufail)
  • once clarification on spending rules received, classify EIB and 184 spending proposals from meeting appropriately and submit to Hackney Homes for consideration (Francine Rump)
1. Update from Hackney Homes on action items from last meeting
Contact LB Hackney refuse for update on date of removal of dead bin from Lockner (Ian Clark): Done, bin has been removed.
Provide dumping hotline number (Ian Clark): number is 0208 356 6688.
Agree June walkabout dates and times (Ian Clark): Agreed that June walkabout will be on Wed 17th June. Lockner walkabout will be held at 8am (much earlier than usual time) to allow those who work during the day to attend. It was noted that normal and 184 walkabout times on noticeboards around the estate are out of date, and people are not generally aware of dates and times – in particular, no TRA attended the 184 walkabout at which some important estate improvement decisions were made, due to not being informed of it in time. Naila and Sam agreed to check who is responsible for publicising walkabouts and to ensure that these details are clearer in future.
Revisit request for basic information on Lockner gates proposal (Ian Clark): basic information still not fully provided. Naila not aware of detail of the issue – Francine to follow up with Hackney Homes/ Councillors to check progress. Discussion at meeting of gates proposal in general: those present agreed that they were not in favour of the proposal, but that further discussion at this stage would not be productive without clearer information from Hackney Homes. It was noted that Richard Miles/Clive Taylor at LB Hackney may be able to provide more information.
Follow up immediately with Richard Miles to clarify any further funding needed to complete Lockner play areas, and when and how this work will be completed (Ian Clark): unknown, Naila was unaware of this AI. To be followed up again.
Check when/how Hackney Homes will repair Kingsgate play area (Ian Clark): only minor repairs to a wall needed, Naila has raised a ticket for the repairs.
Provide issue on issue and pricing for Lockner external garden fencing, discuss whether can be funded from the EIB (Richard Mumford, Ian Clark): Richard has provided the information and price quotes, but Naila stated that EIB cannot be used for work which relates to particular properties. TRA hasn’t seen a copy of the EIB rules so Naila will find and provide one. It was also unclear whether a fencing replacement could be said to relate to private properties since (a) it is the outward-facing part of the estate rather than being on any individual properties, and (b) since Hackney Homes had previously paid for similar fencing along garden walls on the inside of the estate. It was agreed to keep this on the list of proposed EIB spending items, until these points are properly dealt with.
Check whether Community Hall equipment can be funded from Tenant Levy (Ian Clark): Naila unaware of this AI. Answer unknown. Sam to follow up and check the Tenant Levy rules.
Price quote for floor waterproofing in Kingsgate Tower (Ian Clark): supply and fit quote provided from Trafalgar Flooring at £8260, which could be covered by Kingsgate mast money. Unable to make further decision on this at the meeting since no Kingsgate residents were present.
Contact Safer Neighbourhoods re attempted breakins in Kingsgate Tower (Ian Clark): being dealt with by Neighbourhood Office.
Formal enquiry about repair/replacement schedule for Kingsgate Hall roof (Ian Clark): Naila unaware of this AI. David Mulligan would be responsible for these repairs. Naila to follow up and enquire.
2. Spending proposals for 2009-2010 EIB and Section 184 money
The EIB money from last year was unspent as Hackney Homes did not accept any of the TRA’s proposals in time for the deadline. That unspent budget has been transferred into the 184 pot so may still be accessible if we made successful 184 budget proposals.
Unfortunately none of the TRA were aware of the 184 walkabouts which were used to make proposals for spending that budget: Naila made some proposals on the TRA’s behalf. Those proposals will now go to the 184 panel for evaluation: Naila will check who is the panel contact, and Francine will get in touch with them to check whether the TRA is able to submit late items which more closely reflect local wishes.
Proposals which were made at the meeting:
  • Add some shrubs or hardy plants to the open areas of grass on the Blandford Court side of the estate (proposal made by Naila, she has submitted this to 184 budget)
  • Replace and upgrade the communal lighting across the Lockner Estate (proposal made by Naila, she has submitted this to 184 budget)
  • Remove old small ‘pyramid’ cobbled areas under walkways on de Beauvoir Sq side of Lockner Estate, they are hard to clean and unpleasant
  • Fence off bin area near 51 Kingsgate Estate (proposed by Cllr not at meeting) to reduce people using hidden area for ASB
  • Repair or replace bin doors on Lockner bin areas, including some rubber strip to reduce clanging noises (doors are close to people’s bedroom windows so metal doors should be damped)
  • Replace uneven surface tarmac around bins at 79-122 Kingsgate (suggested by Patricia Dilley who was unable to attend)
  • Put planters with flowers on some of the grass areas within the estate. Some discussion at the meeting on whether these would be well maintained or would suffer vandalism. Naila stated that these have been successful on other estates: gardeners are happy to maintain them while doing their normal work, and they appear not to suffer from damage.
  • Put signage next to the bin areas making it clear that they are not areas for dumping bulk waste, and giving contact details for LB Hackney’s free bulk waste pickup.
Proposals which were discussed but rejected as unsuitable for those budgets:
  • Paving replacement within Lockner Estate. Naila stated that if paving is a trip hazard the repairs will be made by Hackney Homes. Residents should just raise a ticket for any trip hazard paving.
  • Repainting external areas on the Lockner Estate. Naila stated that this should be done through the Decent Homes/Major Works programmes. Naila to clarify schedule for this.
3. Any Other Business
There has been scaffolding up on a Dorset Court flat for more than one year. Residents wanted it to be taken down if possible. Naila stated that some scaffolding companies use their last job site for storage. She will check whether there is a phone number available for the company and if so will contact them to request removal.
Residents expressed general enthusiasm for the idea of a shared aerial scheme on Lockner Estate, which had previously been planned to go ahead. Naila stated that this was currently on hold and would not happen in the near future.

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