Minutes 08.12.2008

Lockner & Kingsgate

Tenants’ and Residents’ Association Open Meeting Minutes

Monday 8th December 2008, 7pm

 Community Flat, Lockner Estate


Name Role/home estate
Simeon Bennett Chair / Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Francine Rump Secretary / Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Winston Henry Treasurer / Lockner Estate, Blandford Court
Beatrice Bala Kingsgate Estate
Margaret Compton Kingsgate Estate
T O’Reilly Lockner Estate, Blandford Court
Carol Wonderling Lockner Estate, Wareham Court
Fred Wonderling Lockner Estate, Wareham Court
R Parrott Lockner Estate, Wareham Court
B Burton Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Kevin O’Connor Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Jonathan Hoskins Lockner Estate, Dorset Court
Shane Solanki Lockner Estate, Dorchester Court
Lynda Sparks Lockner Estate, Portland Court
Richard Mumford Lockner Estate, Poole Court


Kathy Kelliher, Julia Barltrop, Nick Chambers (TRA Chair)


Yvonne Lewis to check gates at back of Kingsgate, see if they can be fixed so that easier to open.

Yvonne Lewis to request mopping/jetwash of areas identified as particularly dirty during meeting

Yvonne Lewis to chase proposal for Kingsgate gates scheme and clarify progress.

Yvonne Lewis to clarify who is responsible for cutting down tree at 21 Blandford Court.

TRA to get work completed on Lockner play areas (led by Lynda Sparks)

Yvonne Lewis  to check whether anything can be done to get residents to tidy up garden fences on de Beauvoir side of Lockner.

Yvonne Lewis to set clear walkabout schedule for 2009 for both estates (inc specific times for each estate)

Yvonne Lewis to arrange removal of dead bins outside 1&2 Blandford Court

Yvonne Lewis to arrange replacement of bulb outside 9 Dorset Court

TRA to raise request for clearer parking bays on Hertford Road with Hackney Council

Actions carried over from last meeting (not yet done)

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to send copy of Lockner Estate gates planning proposal to TRA officers.

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to check and inform TRA officers of EIB balance.

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to request a feasibility study for security gates on the Kingsgate Estate.

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to bring copy of priority tree works to next open TRA meeting and to send out a letter to residents with overgrown trees in their gardens.

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to bring list of actions coming out of most recent walkabouts to next open TRA meeting.

Ian Clark/Yvonne Lewis to inform TRA officers of cleaning schedules for both estates, and expected minimum cleaning standards.


1.   Update on letting agreements for Kingsgate Hall

The Chair gave a brief update on progress on letting the Kingsgate Hall. The TRA and playgroup have been in discussion, and are working towards getting a formal letting agreement in place, subject to the playgroup’s funding agreement with Hackney Homes / SureStart being revised to provide money for rent. It was raised that a few years ago there had been problems with letting the hall out to other groups, when people had rented the hall for noisy parties and the police had had to be called, which is not a good use of the community space. This was duly noted.

2.   Update on Lockner gates scheme proposal

There was a walkabout with the TRA, Conservation Officer, and Hackney Council last week to review sketch plans/proposals for gates around the Lockner Estate from the Council.

An initial review of plans showed that:

–         the Estate will be very difficult to enclose, given that it is designed as open plan

–         The initial plans were not aesthetically appropriate – the first proposal was to install the standard blue safety doors, but it became clear at the meeting that something matching the surroundings, e.g. black wrought iron, would need to be used if the scheme was to go ahead

Suggestions from those present regarding the scheme were mixed:

–         Would it be easier to close off the bottoms of stairwells rather than attempting to enclose the whole estate? (general consensus at the meeting was probably not, since that would not give sufficient clearance for the doors)

–         Those on  Blandford Court were keen for something which would reduce antisocial behaviour since there were problems with people misusing public spaces, in particular couples having sex on the stairs or in the bin areas and electrical cupboards. However, it was raised that the problem might be coming from within the estate, since there were thought to be at least two prostitutes in the block.

–         How will the gates be maintained, and at what cost? Gates on other estates have often been broken for long periods, so become expensive and provide no security benefit

–         How will people be able to let visitors in?

–         Will the gates be too heavy for older residents to manage? The back gates on the Kingsgate Estate are apparently too heavy to manage.

The TRA is meeting officers again on the 17th December to review a revised proposal.

3.      Update on recycling proposal

After consultation, the recycling dept are going to go ahead with a limited period trial on the east side of the estate. The proposed site on Poole Court was rejected since it would cause undue disturbance to a resident whose bedroom was beside the proposed site.

Reaction at the meeting to this proposal was largely negative. There was a lot of concern that this would just make the fly tipping problems even worse.

One concrete suggestion was that the bins should definitely not be on wheels, so that they could not be pushed around and create a nuisance.

4.      Cleaning issues on both estates

There is still a problem with cleanliness on both estates. Residents agreed that the cleaners do generally do a good job within the time they have available; however, stairwells in particular are still unacceptably dirty at times. Particular suggestions were:

l        Archways on Lockner (next to the pram sheds) need to be cleaned and cleared better, in particular need to be mopped as they don’t get washed by the rain

l        Lifts on Kingsgate are still dirty and need to be mopped more regularly.

l        Ceilings underneath stairwells need to be occatsionally cleaned

l        Lino on the Kingsgate stairs might help with cleanliness

l        A jetwash of all communal areas (stairwells etc) should be more regularly scheduled, since the dirt is beginning to build up

5.      Hackney Homes update on action items from last meeting

Yvonne Lewis attended to represent the neighbourhood office; she is now our local contact.

l        Kingsgate gate scheme – still not proposed as agreed at the last meeting, she will suggest to Jimmy Roche at Hackney Council

l        Letters have gone to people with overgrown gardens to ask them to trim back shrubs and trees

6.      Any other business

Play areas on Lockner need to be finished so that they can be opened – agreed that the EIB will be earmarked to complete this work.

At 21 Blandford Court there is an overgrown tree intruding into the flat above. The resident who owns it is 91 and can’t cut it down himself

Garden fences on de Beauvoir Square side of Lockner Estate look messy – can residents be forced to tidy them up? (Yvonne to clarify)

Next walkabout is on 16th December at 12 midday. Time of day for the last Lockner walkabout was unclear and kept residents waiting – Yvonne to set a firm time of day for 2009 schedule

Problem with vehicles flytipping near bin areas, and with rubbish being set on fire before it is collected (rubbish is only collected 1-2 days a week as flytipping is too frequent to collect on demand) – unclear to residents how to report it for removal, and how to get people prosecuted or fined where relevant.

Dead bins by 1&2 Blandford Court need to be removed

Parking on Hertford Road is haphazard – can clearer bays be put in place?

Paving stones keep breaking since lorries drive over them – can this be stopped, or more solid stones put in place?

Wettons continue to paint out graffiti using the wrong colour paint – please use the same colour as the wall!

Lights outside 9 Dorset Court need new bulb

Scaffolding on Portland Court is still up – work is apparently over so can scaffolding be removed?

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