Minutes 07.12.2011

Minutes from meeting of 7th December 2011

Sam Lewis (Hackney Homes, Resident Participation Officer)
Abi Marquis (Hackney Homes, estate manager)
Lisa Linpower (Chair)
Jenny Duval (Treasurer)
Francine Bennett (Secretary)
Kim Byrne (resident)
Sara Ladkani (resident)
Maria Carmen (resident)

Action items

1.Raise identified cleaning issues of water and keys with Jim Yeend (AM)

  1. Chase up repair of security lights, which was supposed to happen on 5th December (AM)
  2. Check with 184 team whether process is being fully followed this year, and what progress has been made to date (AM)
  3. Revisit the parking  issue and come up with another solution, probably involving more effective enforcement of contractor behaviour. (AM)
  4. Note and communicate that residents are not willing to pay for recent repairs to damaged paving caused by contractors’ vans (AM)
  5. Produce notices to put on contractors’ windscreens to highlight that they will be reported and possibly clamped for parking on the estate. (KB)
  6. Find out how we might do a composting pilot project (SL)
  7. Communicate to David Mulligan that Lockner has no EIB entries (FB)
  8. Follow up with Sean Whelan re safety survey on estate, particularly referring to staircases (LL)


1. Updates from Chair
We’re holding two Christmas events, both very popular – the panto this Sunday has 32 tickets sold (the full allocation), and the kids’ Christmas party on 17th December has sold 40 tickets. The party is being organised by some local mums including LL.
Soundproofing works on the football pitch started last week, and are in progress now.
JD is taking a lead on choosing a tree to be planted. KB queried whether we have taken advice on what to plant & how far from houses to ensure no foundations undermined. JD has taken expert advice from N1 Garden Centre, and will contact Hackney Homes’ gardener (Mike Brawn) if she has any further concerns.
Cleaning is still an issue. JD has had many conversations with James the cleaner, and has identified two specific problems: water is turned off on Dorset Court; James does not have a key to electrical cabinets to check that lights are working. There also appears to be a general issue that problems like this are not being resolved, meaning that James is unable to do his job.
Security lights on Dorset Court are still out, although they were supposed to be fixed on 5th December. AM to follow up.
There was general discussion of an ongoing problem, that repairs are rarely followed up appropriately, are often late, and that there is no communication back to residents when they are complete. AM suggested that residents should chase repairs where they don’t happen; those present felt that this was a poor solution, and that Hackney Homes needs to be more proactive about communication. SL suggested that TRA members should join the new customer-facing panel to address this issue; those present were not willing to join another panel, as it was felt that the issues were simple and we had communicated them multiple times already.

2. 184 process
KB raised concerns that the official 184 guidance, as described at http://www.hackneyhomes.org.uk/hhs-184-walkabout.htm#what-is-184, is rarely if ever followed by Hackney Homes or by the TRA. Action for the TRA to ensure that they do follow the procedure during this annual cycle. AM to follow up with 184 team to find out what improvements may be made to 184.
Those present agreed general principle that, since 184 repairs can be expensive and are charged back to residents, we should try and minimise works and ensure best value from those that go ahead.

3. Parking on estate
There is an ongoing problem with Hackney Homes contractors parking on the estate and breaking paving stones, which then need constant repair.
AM suggested that a solution would be to install bollards to prevent contractors driving onto the estate. This was felt by those present to be a poor solution, since it incurs further cost and reduces accessibility, and since the problem only exists with Hackney Homes contractors and nobody else.
Noted also that residents are not willing to pay for recent damage caused by contractors, since this issue has been reported numerous times and no apparent action taken by Hackney Homes.
Requested AM to revisit the issue and come up with another solution, probably involving more effective enforcement of contractor behaviour.
As an interim, KB to produce notices to put on contractors’ windscreens to highlight that they will be reported and possibly clamped for parking on the estate.

4. Composting
SL has been researching the idea of having composting facilities on the estate. A company called Aardvark will provide 2x120kg bins and collect them for £14 a time.
Those present raised some concerns about potential vandalism and misuse, but agreed that it would be great to have a composting facility. SL will follow up with Aardvark and with Hackney Council to see whether we could install a single bin as a pilot project.

5. EIB
In light of discussion over 184, agreed that Lockner will not request any works under EIB this year.

6. Any other business
There are still ongoing issues with safety and misuse of staircases across the estate. Various suggestions were made, including adding mirrors to increase visibility when coming up stairs, doors across bottoms of staircases, and cleaning improvements.

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