Minutes 07.07.2008

Lockner & Kingsgate

Resident Association  Annual General Meeting


Monday 7th July 2008,


 Community Flat, 23 Blandford Court



Lynda Sparks  Portland Ct  London N1
Rachael Riding Hackney Council – Recycling Team
Carl Levoir Hackney Homes Planned Maintenance Team
Sarah Conneely  Kingsgate Estate, London N1 4DB                                              
Denise Webb  Kingsgate Estate, London N1 4DB
Nick Chambers  Kingsgate Estate, London N1 4DD
Kathleen Dolon  Blandford Court, London N1
Winston Henry  Blandford Ct London N1
 Francine Rump  Dorset Court, London N1
 Simeon Bennett  Dorset Court, London N1
Rob Chapman Hackney Cllr
Sam lewis Hackney Homes – Resident Participation
Ian Clark Mouchel Parkman





Apologies: None received


Rachel Riding to review opportunities to place recycling bins on Lockner Estate.

Winston and Simeon to attend 21 July panel meeting.

Carl Levoir to notify Sam Lewis with details as soon as more detail is available on the proposed Lockner gate scheme.



  1. Election of new officers and committee members:


Committee Officers:


Chair:      Nick Chambers

V. Chair:   Simeon Bennett

Secretary : Francine Rump

Treasurer :   Winston

Committee Members:


Denise Webb

Mandy Linard,

Sarah Conneely

Kathleen Dolon

Panel reps:


Winston Henry    (Representative)

Simeon Bennett    ( Deputy)









  1. Recycling trial on Kingsgate Estate

Rachel Riding, Recycling Officer from LB Hackney, attended to get the views of residents on the 3-month trial of new recycling facilities on the Kingsgate estate.

There has been one complaint about the noise of collections early on Saturdays; however, Rachel said that this was a one-off issue as the only time Saturday collection could happen was when the recycling lorry broke down and had to do a catchup collection. She will speak to Ade Jacobs about that one-off issue.

Other than that, the reaction of those present was generally positive to the new facilities.

The bins on Kingsgate will change to a mixed collection (i.e. one bin for all recycling rather than separate bins) in the next 4 months, which should be less noisy again since bottles will be cushioned by other waste.

Last time it was reviewed, there was no feasible site on the Lockner estate for recycling facilities. However, Rachel committed to look into possible sites again for Lockner.

  1. Panel meetings

Winston will stay as the principal representative for the TRA at the monthly panel meetings. Panel meetings are meetings of all the Hackney TRAs which senior Hackney Homes and LB Hackney officers also attend to hear concerns.

Simeon Bennett agreed to be the second TRA representative for those meetings, although any committee member can attend with Winston or to stand in with him.

The next meeting will be 21 July at Haggerston.

  1. Lockner Estate proposed security gates

Carl Levoir attended on behalf of Hackney Homes to discuss the proposed new security gates on the Lockner Estate.

He said that Hackney Homes do intend to install the gates, in order to reduce issues of drug dealing, prostitution, and antisocial behaviour in communal areas on the estate. He said that installing secure entry systems on all Hackney social housing was one of the Mayor’s priorities. Because the estate is very open plan, it will need a perimeter fence all the way around the outside.

They have now realised that since the estate is in a conservation area, they will require planning approval: they plan to consult with Lockner residents after planning approval is gained. The consultation will take on board residents’ comments, but if residents don’t like it the scheme may still go ahead.

The scheme will cost around £400k, and leaseholders will be required to pay a portion of the cost.

The TRA members present in general objected strongly to the scheme, as they did not believe that the scheme would create an improvement to the estate, and they did believe that it would be high cost and would change the feel of the estate in a negative way.

Councillor Robert Chapman stated that although the Mayor’s priority was to improve security in the area, this did not necessarily mean gating all estates.

Carl Levoir agreed to notify Sam Lewis, so that she could contact the TRA, when planning material was available which the TRA could look at to get a better understanding of the scheme.