Update from meeting with Mayor and Police

A few residents attended the meeting mentioned below at the Mayors office with representatives from the council, the police and local counsellors. It was a really positive meeting and we felt our concerns were taken seriously and heard.

The outcome was that we learned just how much the police have been doing and continue to do to address the problems across the road.

They have installed CCTV to cover this area, and this is monitored 24 hours a day. They have engaged a specialist team who specialise in dealing with issues rising from gangs, they engaged this specialist team two months before the drive by shooting, a representative from this team was at the meeting and was very impressive. On the night of the shooting they had lots of surveillance, police on standby positioned near by and plain clothes police officers around, but unfortunately stood them down half an hour before the event due to resource allocation issues they couldn’t go into. We got the impression they felt pretty silly about that.

So, in summary – a lot has been going on behind the scenes, that we have not been aware of,  this lack of communication appears to be the problem. We asked them to make contact with Lockner residents affected by all the goings on across the road at Yours Locally over recent years. We asked them to explain to  residents what measures have been taken, and to reassure us that the right people are aware of the right problems and are working hard to keep us all safe and looked after. A letter to this effect should hit your doormat soon, if it hasn’t already. There is also some information on who to contact and how if you have any concerns.

We would like to thank Philip Glanville and his teams for meeting with us so productively.

Next Meeting Date

We were planning to have a TRA meeting this Wednesday, but it’s been moved to Wednesday 2nd October at 7pm at the Community Flat, 23 Blandford Court. Among other things, it will be a chance to meet Celestine, the new Estate Manager.
We look forward to seeing you there. If you are unable to attend but would like to add something to the agenda, please get in touch by email to locknertra@gmail.com or drop a note through the community flat letterbox.
Notes from our recent meeting with the mayor are being written by one of the residents who attended and will be shared as soon as possible.

Meeting with Mayor, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Police – THIS WEDNESDAY

We have had a reply from the mayor’s office who would like to meet with local residents in the Town Hall this coming Wednesday 18th September at 17.45 along with the cabinet member for community safety and police representatives. We are hoping to hear what is being done, express concerns and think about solutions.

If you have been worried about shootings, stabbings, violence and events around Yours Locally please come along. And please feel free to pass onto other local residents who may be affected.

If you are likely to make it please email and let us know so we can tell them how many to expect: locknertra@gmail.com



Response to recent events at Yours Locally

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Lockner TRA <locknertra@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2019 at 10:50
Subject: Lockner Estate/Safety concerns
To: <debeauvoir@hackney-labour.org.uk>, <major@hackney.gov.uk>, <philip.glanville@hackney.gov.uk>, <diane.abbott.office@parliament.uk>, <meghilliermp@parliament.uk>




Phillip Glanville, Meg Hillier, Dianne Abbott, Cllr Polly Billington, Cllr James Peters



Dear All,

We are writing from the Residents Association on the Lockner Estate to express our concerns over recent events at Yours Locally, our nearest local shop on Kingsland Road. The Lockner Estate is located directly across the road from the Kingsland waste and has 210 properties, we have a strong community and active residents association.

As we are sure you are aware, in 2017 there was an incident following an arrest by a police officer of a 20-year-old black man and Hackney resident, Rashan Charles, which resulted in Mrs Charles’ death. Following his death, the local store has become a space of mourning and anger for members of Mr Charles’ family, friends and extended community.

Outside the Yours Locally store there is a shrine to Mr Charles that is frequently visited and congregated around.

On dates of significant events since; the anniversary of his death, IOPC verdict and his birthday, large groups of mourners gather outside the store. Unfortunately, these have escalated into public displays of violence. In the immediate aftermath of Mr Charles’ death, a group of mourners blocked the traffic across Kingsland Road. Wheelie bins and abandoned mattresses from our estate were set alight and turned into barricades. Windows of local businesses were smashed. And most recently, on the two-year anniversary of his death on 22nd July this year, there was a drive by shooting. This resulted in three people being shot and one stabbed. Lockner residents who had gone to bed were woken to the sound of gunfire and screaming. Participants of the vigil who fled the scene ran into our estate, some banging on doors, the injured dripping blood. The police later raided an address on the estate on the hunt for suspects.

We have several concerns that we would like to highlight and ask for some assistance to see how these concerns may be best addressed.

  • Safety. We do not feel safe visiting our much-loved local shop. There are often large numbers of young men around the shrine in the evenings. The atmosphere does not feel like one of remembrance or mourning, but of anger and angst. The people we see there often look restless and intimidating. We do not feel safe living across the road from a site that has seen so much violence, and we are worried and scared that in addition to what has already happened here, there will certainly be more to follow in the future. We do not feel safe knowing that people could be running into our estate, into our homes, fleeing someone with a gun or knife.
  • Community. Yours Locally is our local shop, it is much loved by residents on Lockner estate, and relied upon by the community, especially those elderly or disabled residents for which reaching more distant shops proves difficult. Hassan, the owner of Yours Locally, is a wonderful man who we appreciate fondly. The shop is no longer open 24/7 as Hassan does not feel safe to keep it open late at night, it now closes at midnight. Hassan has had to lay off three members of staff for this reason and is feeling the financial consequences deeply. He is feeling unsupported and alone with this, and along with other shops along the Kingsland waste, we want to support them.
  • The bigger picture that must not be lost is that young men are dying and rioting and being shot and stabbed across the road from where we live. Although we understand and appreciate that, given the context, a police presence around anniversaries or when large groups congregate around the site would not be the way to manage this situation, we feel that there must be another way that this could be better managed. We can anticipate problems around anniversaries and birthdays.

We would like to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity to members of our local community, particularly Rashan’s immediate friends and family and the wider local black community, who are still mourning the loss of a young man and father. We understand the sensitive nature of the shrine outside the Yours Locally store, and that on a daily basis Rashan’s community live with the ongoing trauma of his death and take comfort in mourning at this site.

We are hopeful for a solution to de-escalate the feelings of tension we are experiencing as local residents. We do not profess to have the immediate answers to this problem, but would like to work with local agencies and community groups to reduce the feelings of malcontent and friction that we are experiencing. We would like to feel confident and safe about going to the shop across the road for a pint of milk again, and we do not want to feel nervous about people fleeing gunmen banging onto our doors as we put out children to bed.

We are writing to ask for a meeting to discuss this further, to see how future incidents and violence can be avoided. We believe there are professionals who have expertise and knowledge in this field who could guide us to a resolution, and we are asking for your help and guidance to engage with them.


Lisa Linpower on behalf of the Lockner Residents Association


Plant Pot Amnesty


Because of Fire Safety concerns following Glenfell, the council are going to be getting strict about plastic items on landings and walk ways. This week our estate manager will be walking about serving “notices” with instructions to remove plastic items within 7 days, or have them removed. But fear not! Everybody loves and appreciates the flowers and greenery outside peoples homes on Lockner. The residents association has some money in the TRA account that we can use to replace plastic plant pots – like for like – with terracotta ones.

Just drop us a line, and we will make it happen! locknertra@gmail.com

The Big Lockner (CiRcUs) Lunch 2019

big lunch poster 2019 CIRCUS

Saturday 14th July saw Lockner’s tenth annual Big Lockner Lunch. Our very first Big Lunch started in 2009 with a few neighbours and a home-made picnic on some estate greenspace, talking and sharing together for the first time. The Big Lunch has grown every year since and is now the event of the year that we all look forward to the most. Our lunches have been used many times as a National Case study by the Eden Project who started the Big Lunch Initiative eleven years ago, last year ending up as a 3D model of the Lockner Big Lunch at their Westfields Pop up event. The perfect example of a thriving, strong community in action.

This year we celebrated in the Red Park of Lockner, and had over 100 residents laughing, eating and drinking, playing and dancing together in the sunshine.

Food took centre stage this year, with delicious tastes from all around the world being tasted and enjoyed.

Lorenzo stole the show again with his infamous jerk chicken, the smell of the BBQ coals and spices warming the air; this year we managed to get through over 80 kilos of chicken, I kid you not. Happy people were pictured all day, plate in hand eagerly awaiting another serving. Pat welcomed everyone warmly into her garden where she had rice, curry, plantain, coleslaw, macaroni and Southern fried chicken, and some of our newest neighbours Marcos and his beautiful family from Brazil spoiled us with Churrasco de curacao and steak fresh off the grill on his doorstep.

Talented baker Katie at @cakeordeathldn treated us all to vegan baked delights that literally disappeared within ten minutes of us opening the boxes; Lemon and passion fruit curd cake, carrot cake with vanilla icing, the best sea salt chocolate brownies I have ever eaten in my life, and peanut and chocolate cookies. Pip served us a spinach and feta bake (to balance out all that MEAT!), and the Wonderlings kept us all cool with salads and ice pops.

For the children we had Nathan @theonlywayismarbz who thrilled the little ones with superhero, unicorn and creature face paints and Abi and her sister made schldren and adults alike sparkle all afternoon with glitter tattoos. Tony at Commander Fit Kids was literally the Bouncer at the Bouncy castle giving Lockners little ones the perfect place to burn off some energy under his watchful eye.

Dan Rosen from DeBeauvoir ran a fantastic Dr Bike Clinic, fixing and sprucing up everyone’s bikes and didn’t stop all afternoon in the playground as DJ Juba charmed us all with his tunes, neighbours from every demographic wiggling their hips and smiling along with the music long after the event officially ended, and into the night.

There were more Lockner merchandise giveaways this year and we splashed out on some very hipster organic and ethically sourced cotton aprons and deluxe tote bags from @bagitdontbinit meaning everyone went home with a gift to remember the day by, we can enjoy bumping into neighbours sporting the bags around Hackney in the days to come.

Our friendly neighbourhood policing team popped in to enjoy some community spirit and some delicious food and could be seen laughing with residents and swaying to the music; plate of well-deserved Jerk in their hands!

Irie Feather @zuzatehanu and her Fire Show took centre stage in the playground with her daring fire eating (screams from Lockner’s children, don’t try that at home, kids) and fire breathing.

The Big Lockner Lunch makes us all feel so lucky to live here on Lockner, it’s a rare gem in London, a place where community is strong, and people look out for each other and friendships flourish. A place where our children can play out, under the watchful eyes of parents nursing mugs of tea (or wine!) together.

A big thank you to the Resident participation team at Hackney Council who provide us with a grant to fund not just our Big Lunch, for to estates throughout Hackney to do the same.

And a huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate life on Lockner yesterday and making it feel so warm and special.

See you all next year!




First Aid Course

red crossWe are funding 15 places for residents to attend a Basic Life support and First Aid for adults and children.

The course will cover life support for adults and children, as well as common emergencies and basic first aid.

This will be held from 9am – 12.30pm  on 22nd June 2019, venue TBC. Residents who attend will be British Red Cross certified first aiders by the end of the day (certificates provided on the day and are valid for 3 years).

Having first aid qualified neighbours who can help in an emergency makes Lockner a safer place to live. If you would like a place on the course please email us at locknertra@gmail.com – places are first
come first served and for Lockner residents only.


Apologies, the wrong email address was put on teh recent newsletter, the correct one is above.


AGM Minutes

Agenda – TRA meeting, Wednesday 27th March 2019, 7pm


Emmanuel Malm – Hackney Homes

Lisa Linpower, Chair – Dorchester Court

Maria Savito, Treasurer – Dorset Court

Fran Bennett, Secretary – Dorset Court

Cordelia Harwood – Blandford Court

Natalie Moss – Portland Court

Raymond Subratie – Dorset Court

Alasdair O’Hare – Portland Court

Simeon Bennett – Dorset Court

David Turton – Blandford Court

Pat Turton – Blandford Court

Maria Sanchez – Stratton Court

Linda Toigo – Stratton Court

AGM part of the meeting:

  • The Minutes of the last meeting were approved

  • Lisa delivered the Chairs report, and Maria delivered the Treasurers report

  • The new committee were proposed and elected:

  • Lisa re-elected as Chair

  • Maria re-elected as Treasurer. She highlighted that we have £7000+ in the bank account so we have a lot of opportunity to hold community events over the next year.

  • Nikki re-elected as Vice-Chair

  • Fran re-elected as Secretary

  • Natalie volunteered as Panel Representative

  • Others present all agreed to be co-opted as Members of the TRA

General part of the meeting:


  • Check for any update on superhostel application (EM)

  • If you can’t attend the walkabout, send any specific estate improvement ideas to locknertra@gmail.com (all)

  • Advise on whether/how we could get a survey translated into Turkish (EM)

  • Get resident events survey sent round to whole estate (FB)

  • Arrange jet wash for drains on upstairs balcony esp outside 30 Dorset Court (EM)

  • Review whether more helpful signage on which block is which could be done, during walkabout (EM/FB)

  • Look into fixing unlatched trapdoor above 59 Blandford Court (EM)

1. Update on actions from last meeting. Actions were:

  • Chase communal repair team again, and investigate other solutions, re bin doors on Blandford and between Dorset/Stratton (EM) – This has been raised and should be fixed in April.

  • Chase Sean re meeting about funding application (EM) – Meeting completed.

  • Chase mirror on stairs which was supposed to be installed after the last walkabout (EM) – Hackney Homes want to review this at the walkabout in April to decide where and whether to put this.

  • Check whether pram shed doors coming loose from brickwork is users’ or council’s responsibility (EM) – This is users’ responsibility.

  • Contact Katie Cross re community cooking event (FB) – Done.

  • Draft a survey/update/advert for community events (NM) – Done. Copy below, which was discussed at the meeting

2. Any other updates from Hackney Homes (EM)

Hackney are becoming increasingly strict and concerned about flammable items on balconies – they may start to say that we can’t have plastic flowerpots on balconies or outside front doors.

It was suggested that if this happens, the TRA could use some of its spare funds to offer to replace existing plastic pots with non-flammable alternatives.

There will be a walkabout on 24th April at 11.15am where residents can suggest estate improvements to Hackney Homes staff.

All the pramsheds have now been reviewed and properly allocated by Emmanuel, there is only one without a known owner now.

3. Comments on residents’ survey (NM / LL)

We discussed the draft residents’ survey and agreed we’d be happy to send it round for paper or online completion. Thanks to Natalie for drafting. We would like to translate it into Turkish as well in order to include more residents.

4. Big Lunch planning (TO / LL)

This is coming up in a few months – Lisa will send an email round to start getting people together to arrange it.

5. Any other business (All)

  • The drain on the walkway outside 30 Dorset Court (and probably other similar drains) is blocking frequently and needs a proper clean with a jet wash

  • A fence on the back of a Blandford Court garden has completely fallen down. EM says he is aware and dealing withit.

  • The trapdoor above 59 Blandford has been left open and is banging in the wind. EM will investigate.

  • Having frequent problems with poor signage on the estate and lost delivery people – the only map is at the corner of St Peters Way which is not a common route into the estate. To review at walkabout.