Contacts / Local Links

To contact the Neighbourhood Office please send an email to: and not to individual officers  as emails to this address will be properly tracked and managed.

To contact the Lockner Estate TRA please send an email to:

or put a note through the door at 23 Blandford Court, clearly marked TRA. Please do not knock on the door.

Hackney Leaseholder Forum

The DeBeauvoir Association

Our local Councillors

Hackney Homes

Leasehold Advisory Service

The Lockner Anti-Gates Blog

No Second Night Out  – Committed to Ending Rough Sleeping in London

Call if you see someone sleeping rough in London 0870 3833333

Open Reach – To Report Broken Telephone Box on Estate

The telephone number for Open Reach  is 0800 023 2023
Repairs can also be logged on the following email address

Ground Maintenance

Wayne Hibberd
Area Manager, Grounds Maintenance

Tel : +(44) 0208 356 1724
Fax : +(44) 0208 356 1725