Latest Meeting Minutes


11th September 2014


Lisa Linpower, Dorchester Court (chairing)

Francine Bennett, Secretary

Elli Papamichael, Hackney Homes

Elle Stevenson, Lockner Estate

Nick, Lockner Estate

Kathy, Lockner Estate

Jake, Lockner Estate

Sarah, Blandford Court

Joe Cranston Turner, Blandford Court

Action items carried over from last time

  • Flake test on estate paint – was the wrong paint used? (MR)
  • Draft consultation letter on community garden (KJ, MO)

New action items

  • Check jet washing schedule for estate, which might improve paint appearances (EP)
  • Find pointers to general advice for leaseholders on lease extensions (EP)
  • Share options for bike racks supplied by Hackney Homes, once scheme is confirmed (EP)
  • Send out TRA email about asbestos contractors (FB)
  • Check if Hackney Homes offers support for asbestos removal (EP)


1. Update on actions from last meeting

  • Flake test on estate paint – was the wrong paint used? (MR)
  • Not done yet – to do before next meeting
  • Talk to Tony or Mel about solutions for paint patches (FB)
  • Done. Spoke to Tony and looked around the estate together. He suggested that patch painting would be possible but would probably make the un-fixed areas look worse. He suggested that jet washing surfaces would help the existing paint look a little better. EP will look into it.
  • Look into free Hackney Homes first aid courses (LL)
  • Done. They turn out not to be free any more.
  • Draft consultation letter on community garden (KJ, MO)
  • Not done yet – to do before next meeting

2. Other updates from Hackney Homes

Environmental Health have gone round the estate to exterminate rates. Please contact them if there is more of a problem.

Martin Omoding is working on reassigning pram sheds to new people after the list was lost when last estate manager left.

Security gates proposal on Blandford Court has been shelved by Hackney Homes, and they are taking no further action on this.

The situation with paving invoices is still unclear. EP recommended that the TRA continue to clarify with service charges section if we’re not sure what is happening.

The decking in the community flat garden is rotten and needs to be removed or replaced; EP confirmed that Hackney Homes could replace and charge to the Blandford Court block. After discussion, the TRA decided that this was unfair on that block, and instead delegated £250 budget to Tigerlilly, who rent the flat, to get someone to remove and make good the decking.

2. Spending decisions

The TRA have approximately £2000 in the bank, £250 of which is reserved for decking.

Panto tickets last year cost £1000. The spare £750 could be used for first aid courses or for more panto tickets plus some reserve. After discussion we agreed to assign £1500 for the panto this year, since tickets are always in big demand, and since TRA members don’t have much free time to arrange the first aid course at the moment. This will leave approximately £250 in reserve.

3. Any other business


Apparently there is asbestos in some flats. We asked whether Hackney Homes offers support for removal; EP will check but thinks not. FB will email around the estate to see if any leaseholders want to team up to split costs of specialist contractors.

Football pitch noise

Noise from the football pitch is still a problem, with older kids playing at night; the pitch is still very rattly and loud. It is no longer locked at night since the cleaner who was doing it left.

Bike racks

Hackney Homes may be able to fund bike racks on the estate. EP will share options once the scheme is confirmed.

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