First Aid Course 2013

First Aid Course –  A Success!

Saturday 6th April saw the Lockner First Aid Course run and funded for twenty-four residents by the TRA, and held in the crypt of St Peters on DeBeauvoir Square.

The course was bespoke and designed with the British Red Cross to meet our needs. It taught residents how to treat a person with chest pain, stroke, heavy bleeding, what to do if you come across an unconscious casualty and covered baby, child and adult resuscitation.

The course was very popular and was fully booked within a matter of days. The lucky residents who managed to get a spot came from all walks of life; parents, grandparents, teenagers and pensioners. Residents spoke very highly of the course saying it was informative and great fun, as well as an interesting way to meet your neighbours.

“I feel medically empowered!”

“It’s given me peace of mind, I’d know what to do now in an emergency with my baby”

Residents who participated also received a certificate that qualifies them for 3 years to put towards their CV.

This is something we will be running again, perhaps even on a regular basis, if we are able to get the funding. It would be a wonderful thing to get every resident who wants to get first aid qualified, first aid qualified. It makes us all useful and skilled neighbours and members of the local community.

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