Big Lunch 2011

The Big Lunch 2011 at the Lockner Estate.

5th June – Big Lunch

The Big Lunch is a one day get-together for neighbours.

It’s a nationwide campaign to get as many people as possible to have lunch together in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

This will be the third year that the Lockner Estate has had a Big Lunch.

In our first year, we started off quite small – we had a barbeque out on the bit of green space between Dorchester, Dorset and Wareham Courts.

Last year, we made a bit more of an effort. We organized an event  which had home-made bunting and a children’s play tent, hand made by residents on the estate. We had live music, a dj, a raffle, a barbeque, a parkour workshop, a cycle surgery, a juice bar and much more. We asked neighbours to bring a dish, and gave a prize to the best dishes. Young people from the estate had their faces painted, and also helped us to plant a community seed garden, which is thriving. There’s a photo of estate residents planting the garden at the event on the homepage of this blog.

This event is for you to meet your neighbours. There’ll be loads of fun things to do for all the family. There will be live music, storytelling, an art workshop, a parkour (‘free running’ workshop and hopefully we’ll have a little outdoor cinema in the early evening, showing a family friendly film. We’ll try and get young people to plant more flowers and plants around the estate too. And of course, there will be food; please feel free to bring a dish to contribute to the lunch, but we hope we can convince winners of last year’s competition to cook dishes we can all eat, including a great big pot of Jolof rice!)


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