The name of the group shall be known as Lockner Estate TRA Association

The group will endeavour to work on behalf of residents living in Lockner Estate

1.   Aims

  1. To promote the interests of all residents of the area, and to assist in maintaining good relations between all members of the community in consultation with Hackney Homes, the local authority and other bodies.
  2. For the furtherance of these objects to promote and represent all residents’ rights and the maintenance and improvement of housing conditions, amenities and the environment. To provide facilities for recreation and amenities and to encourage a community spirit.
  3. To promote equal opportunities by being positively committed to opposing all direct and indirect discrimination in all its activities and services.
  4. To work towards encouraging all members of usually excluded groups to participate in the association. Encouraging participation of hard to reach groups
  5. The Association seeks to implement a programme of positive action, by ensuring no member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, sex, age, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnerships, sexual orientation and disability
  6. The Association shall have the power to affiliate to any body whose objectives may be of benefit to its membership
  7. Monies raised by or on behalf of the Association shall only be applied in furtherance of the objectives of the Association
  8. The Association shall be non-political

2.   Membership

  1. Membership shall be open to all who reside in Lockner Estate
  2. All members shall have an equal vote.
  3. All members should actively seek to represent the various needs of residents, and must not discriminate on the grounds of race, sex, age, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnerships, sexual orientation and disability.
  4. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when attending meetings, or in premises used by the Association or any other function in connection with the group. Any member may be excluded for a period of up to 6 months for a breach of this condition, or for any other conduct contravening the objectives of the Association, by the majority of those present and voting at any committee or General Meeting.
  5. Ordinary membership shall be open to all Secure Tenants and residents (including freeholders, leaseholders, licensees and authorised occupants) living within the boundaries of the Association.

3.   The Committee

  1. The Committee shall meet at least 4 times a year.
  2. Any items for the agenda should be submitted to the secretary in writing not less than seven days in advance of the meeting.
  3. Committee members must attend at least one committee meeting per calendar year or their membership of the Committee ceases and they shall not stand for re-election for 1

4.   Conduct of Business


  1. The business of the Association shall be conducted by a committee elected at each Annual General Meeting.  The committee shall be made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, Panel Representative, Deputy Panel Representative and ordinary committee members.
  1. The Chair or in his/her absence the Vice Chair will preside over meetings. In their absence members in attendance will elect a member to preside for the duration of the meeting.
  2. No two or more officers shall be elected from the same household
  3. Eligible elected Councillors of the Landlord Authority may attend the TRA meetings for their estate, but only as observers. They will not be eligible for election to the committee of the Association, nor shall they represent the Association in its dealings with the Council and committee members or any other body.
  4. Minutes of all meetings shall be available to all members.
  5. Vacancies arising during the year can be filled by an election at a general meeting, but as an interim measure the committee may fill any vacancies until the next general meeting.
  6. The election or removal of officers or committee members may only be carried out by a General Meeting of the Association.

If the Association activities involves work with children or adults working with children, it is the responsibility of the Association to ensure that they are working to their Safeguarding policies and procedures


5.   Finance

  1. All money raised by or on behalf of the Association is to be used only to further the aims of the Association
  2. The Treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the Association
  3. Cheque signatories will be nominated by the committee (one to be the treasurer). There shall be three signatories. These must not be from the same household.
  4. All cheques and instructions to the Association’s bankers shall require two of the agreed signatures one of whom must be the Treasurer.
  5. The treasurer shall have the accounts checked by an independent person with adequate financial experience, for example, a representative of a community organisation, law centre or council for voluntary service, at the end of each financial year.
  6. The accounts shall be made available to members at the AGM.
  7. Hackney Homes can intervene if financial irregularities are identified with the accounts.

6.   Annual General Meetings

  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held every March at which the committee shall report on its work and present a statement of accounts.
  2. At the AGM members in attendance will elect a Chair and Vice-chair and elect the

other officers and the committee to serve for the next calendar year.

  1. The AGM shall vote on recommendations and any amendments to the constitution.
  2. The secretary will notify all members of the date of the meeting not less than twenty-     one days before the AGM and make the agenda available at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

7.   Other General and Special Meetings (Open Meetings and Special General Meetings)


  1. There will be a General meeting open to all members at least 4 times a year. These   meetings shall be open to any member of the Association wishing to attend.
  2. Minutes of meetings will be submitted for approval to the next appropriate meeting.
  3. A Special General Meeting open to all members shall be called by the secretary at the request of a majority of other officers of the committee or on receipt of a written request by not less than 12 members of the Association giving reasons for their request. The secretary shall give not less than seven days notice of the holding of a Special General Meeting which shall take place within 21 days of the receipt of the request.
  4. The secretary or officers will publicise all general meetings at least seven days in advance of the date of the meeting.
  5. The agenda for all meetings will be sent to each member or be publicised in the most prominent position and area.

8.   Sub – Committees

  1. The committee may appoint such sub- committees as may be required to carry out the activities of the Association. The committee shall agree in advance the terms of reference of any sub-committee.
  2. Where any sub –committee is to continue in existence beyond the Annual General Meeting following its appointment, its members shall submit themselves for re-election at that meeting and annually thereafter.
  3. All sub-committees shall keep proper accounts of income and expenditure, and a proper record of all meetings, and shall report on them or deliver them up as required by the Committee or General Meeting.
  4. The committee or General Meeting may dissolve any sub-committee whereupon the accounts, records and assets, financial and otherwise of the sub committee shall pass into the hands of the committee.

9.   Duties of Officers

  1. Chair: Shall conduct the meetings of the Association and Committee.
  2. Vice-Chair: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall conduct the meetings of the Association and Committee.
  3. Treasurer: Shall open and maintain the Association bank account. All cheques shall be signed by the treasurer and other committee members nominated by the committee as signatories. Shall keep proper, transparent accounts of income and expenditure and report on them or deliver them up as required by the committee or General meeting.
  4. Secretary: shall be responsible for the convening of all meetings, preparing the agenda and giving of the prescribed notice to all members. Shall ensure that a proper record is kept of all meetings of the Association, its Committee and Sub-Committees in the form of minutes; and shall deliver up such records as required by the Committee or General Meeting. The Secretary shall permit the minutes to be examined on receipt of not less than 7 days notice by any member of the Association.
  5. Members: Committee Member(s) or Officer(s) appointed to represent the Association in consultation with any other body shall report back to the following Committee or General Meeting, whichever is the sooner.
  6. Committee members of the Association shall act on the instructions of the Association and consult with the Landlord Authority on matters of Housing management

10. Quorum

  1. No General Meeting or Annual General Meeting shall take place if less than one third of members or less than 12 members are present at the meeting (whichever is the less). This may vary according to each TRA depending on its size of membership. Please refer to the guidance table



No of Members Minimum committee Members Quorum for AGM Registration


Up to 20 6 6 6
21 to 150 8 10 10
151 to 400 10 12 12
401 to 750 12 15 15
750 plus 15 20 20



After 2 inquorate AGMs the registration of the association will lapse and Hackney Homes will consult all members on alternative forms of engagement. During the period of the consultation the RP team will work closely with the current committee and Service Managers within Hackney Homes to identify an appropriate offer to residents.


Proposed alternate forms of engagement

  • Estate based meetings and or local surgeries – this will depend on the size of the estate
  • Supported Registered Group – to be reviewed annually


  1. No committee meeting shall take place if less than one third of the committee members or less than 4 members are present (whichever is the less).

11.  Voting

  1. Any member may make a proposal. In order for it to be voted on by the meeting it must be seconded by another member
  2. Only members present at the meeting may vote.
  3. Before voting any member may propose an amendment to the proposal which must also be seconded. Each amendment shall be taken in turn. If the proposal to amend is seconded, a vote will be taken on whether to approve the amendment. If the amendment is approved, the meeting will then deal with the next proposed amendment and if there are none will vote on the amended proposal.
  4. Each member shall have one vote.
  5. In the event of an equal vote, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

12. Changes to the Constitution

  1. The constitution can only be altered at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
  2. A member who wishes to alter the constitution must send to the secretary the wording of the proposed alteration. Within 14 days of its receipt, the secretary will give at least 21 days notice of the meeting together with the wording of the proposed alteration.
  3. Any alteration(s) or changes to the constitution must be agreed by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

13. Dissolution

  1. The association may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose and must be advertised 21 days before the meeting.
  2. For the sole purpose of dissolution the Quorum shall not apply and the association may be dissolved by a two thirds majority of those present of at the meeting.
  3. Any assets (financial or otherwise) remaining after the payment of all debts and liabilities shall be given to charitable purposes according to the wishes of the majority of the members present at the meeting.   Any monies or assets belonging to Hackney Homes or Hackney Council must be returned prior to any other distribution.

Signed      ____________________________ (2 x members)

Signed      ____________________________

Dated        ____________________________



The group may deal with difficult and sensitive issues; discretion and care must be exercised during and after the meetings.

Conduct at Meetings

Members shall:

  • Be courteous to each other and support each other with the aim of achieving the best possible decisions
  • Allow each other to speak and be heard
  • No one particular member shall dominate any discussion
  • Follow the guidance of the chair, vice-chair or other member elected to act as chair on the conduct of the meeting
  • Operate within the terms of the constitution
  • Members must declare any conflict of interest and withdraw from participating and voting on the issue


Members shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings and may be excluded if they act in an abusive, offensive or obstructive way or if they contravene the objectives of the group.

Exclusion from that particular meeting will take place when a majority of those present vote to exclude a member.


Signed      ____________________________ Chair

Signed      ____________________________ Committee Member

Date           ____________________________