Update from meeting with Mayor and Police

A few residents attended the meeting mentioned below at the Mayors office with representatives from the council, the police and local counsellors. It was a really positive meeting and we felt our concerns were taken seriously and heard.

The outcome was that we learned just how much the police have been doing and continue to do to address the problems across the road.

They have installed CCTV to cover this area, and this is monitored 24 hours a day. They have engaged a specialist team who specialise in dealing with issues rising from gangs, they engaged this specialist team two months before the drive by shooting, a representative from this team was at the meeting and was very impressive. On the night of the shooting they had lots of surveillance, police on standby positioned near by and plain clothes police officers around, but unfortunately stood them down half an hour before the event due to resource allocation issues they couldn’t go into. We got the impression they felt pretty silly about that.

So, in summary – a lot has been going on behind the scenes, that we have not been aware of,  this lack of communication appears to be the problem. We asked them to make contact with Lockner residents affected by all the goings on across the road at Yours Locally over recent years. We asked them to explain to  residents what measures have been taken, and to reassure us that the right people are aware of the right problems and are working hard to keep us all safe and looked after. A letter to this effect should hit your doormat soon, if it hasn’t already. There is also some information on who to contact and how if you have any concerns.

We would like to thank Philip Glanville and his teams for meeting with us so productively.

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