Cleaning Meeting Minutes

Todays meeting was rather heated, but we have some positive actions to take forward. Please keep a look out here on the website, the facebook page, notice boards and emails for updates and details of the next meeting that will be scheduled for a months time.


Unfortunately a register was not passed around.
Three members of the Hackney Council cleaning team including John Wheatley (manager).
Housing manager Emmanuel Malm.
Lisa Linpower, Chair
Nikki Parrott, Vice chair
An additional 11 residents
  • Email TRA the current cleaning schedule for the TRA to print in large posters on notice boards, add to the website and email to resident mailing list (JW)
  • Send quarterly cleaning quality assurance reports to Lockner TRA for us to distribute to residents so residents can subjectively and objectively assess new cleaning schedule (JW)
  • Raise concerns over illegally parked car blocking 2 disabled bays for a long period of time with Shamus Adams at Hackney Council (JW)
  • Escalate concerns over rats on the estate following recent drainage issues on Dorchester Court (JW)
  • Arrange a review meeting between cleaning department and residents 1 month following this initial meeting (JW, LL)
Issues raised:
  1. Antisocial behaviour on stairwells is a large concern with feces/urine and drug paraphernalia, residents do not feel this is being addressed as frequenty under the new scheme
  2. Residents are angry and upset that our full time cleaner has been replaced with a new service without any consultation. It was aknowledged that our previous cleaners have provided what was effectively a caretaking role in addition to cleaning and it is something we all appreciated and miss. JW explained that he is standardising services throughout the borough and thoroughly explained steps his team have taken and how services are being delivered.

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