Cleaning on Lockner

As we previously mentioned – our lovely cleaner Anthony has been moved elsewhere.

Instead of having our own cleaner on site taking ownership of Lockner, we now have street cleaners doing a daily “check and rectify” on every block, with a 4 weekly clean (each floor cleaned on a 20 day cycle), with an annual deep cleaning service.

Previous cleaners have changed light bulbs, reported problems to repairs and had a good feel for what needs doing. Unfortunately this service has now gone and it is up to residents to call the repair line to report such things.

Standards have clearly slipped under this new scheme. Stairwells are left for weeks smelling of urine with litter and other unpleasant items, and general litter seems to be building up everywhere.

What we recommend is that we complain individually and collectively as an association about this. 

What you can do:

  • Call 0208 356 2121 to report poor cleaning
  • Take pictures and email complaints to:  (Head of Estate Cleaning as well as Environmental Operations)

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