AGM Meeting Minutes


15th March 2017


Emmanuel Malm (Hackney Homes)

Lisa Linpower (Chair), Dorchester Court

Francine Bennett (Secretary), Dorset Court

Joe Cranston Turner (Treasurer), Blandford Court

Jon Hoskins (Vice Chair), Dorchester Court

Maria Savito, Dorset Court

Brian Burton, Dorset Court

Carol Wonderling, Wareham Court

Sammy Wonderling, Wareham Court

Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, QMUL

Emily Read, Dorset Court

Jake Snell, Dorset Court

Rebecca Lloyd-Evans, Dorset Court

Nikki Parrott, Dorset Court

Abi Bolaji, Blandford Court



Action items

  • Provide and circulate annual accounts (JCT)

  • Query with HH directors how to get a bill for outstanding business rates and utility bills on the Community Flat sent to the flat tenants (EM)

  • Chase repairs for loose wiring on Dorchester Court, outstanding repair since January (EM)

  • Circulate bench options on playground for review (FB)

  • Find out what is the purpose, schedule, and cost of the Dorset Court door replacement scheme (ie who is it charged back to) (EM)

  • Investigate non-working light outside 63 Blandford (EM)

  • Get job number to chase up heating repairs in community flat (EM/NP)

  • Send MS details of Police Community Team (FB)

  • Share template letter for lease extension costings (NP)


1. AGM

The Chair provided a short report of the previous year’s activities. The Treasurer was absent from the first part of the meeting, accounts to be provided after the meeting for review and approval.

Elections were conducted for officer and committee posts, with the following being elected:

  • Lisa Linpower re-elected as Chair

  • Nikki Parrott elected as Vice Chair

  • Francine Bennett re-elected as Secretary

  • Maria Savito elected as Treasurer

  • All others in attendance agreed to act as Committee Members

  • Jake and Emily Snell volunteered after the meeting to act as Panel Representatives

2. Playgrounds update

At the previous meeting there had been questions about the state of maintenance and potential improvements to playgrounds. EM and NP agreed a tentative date of 21st April 2017 for a walkabout to review potential improvements, although would want to check potential costs and timetables of works before anything went forward.

3. Business Rates / Utilities on community flat

It’s still unclear how to resolve the issue with business rates on the community flat, as Hackney Homes and LB Hackney don’t appear to be willing to communicate with the flat tenants Tigerlilly about the amount owing. EM will raise formally to discover how we should get a bill for payment.

4. Update on other items by Hackney Homes

  • EM raised the issue of loose wires on Dorchester Court after our January meeting, but these have still not been fixed and are worse after recent storms – EM to chase

  • EM still waiting for information from Wayne Hibberd about options for new planting in common areas

  • Billboard has been moved, EM is not sure why – those present agreed it could be removed entirely

  • EM has recently circulated a catalogue of options for a new bench in one of the play areas – FB to circulate for comment. MS suggested that we could issue a challenge to local design schools to come up with a new design – she will follow up. EM pointed out that any new design would need to be safety approved by Hackney Homes.

5. Any Other Business

  • BB and others asked about the door replacement scheme on Dorset Court, and requested EM to find out what is the purpose, schedule, and cost of the scheme (ie who is it charged back to)

  • 63 Blandford Court has had a non-working outdoor light for many months – EM to investigate

  • Heating is still not fixed in community flat – EM/NP to chase up job reference to follow up

  • MS expressed concern about security on Dorset Court – several people hanging about in stairwells at night, which can be intimidating. FB suggested contacting the police Community Team, and agreed to forward their details

  • NP asked about lease extension costs, as HH will only provide a cost for extensions case by case, so it’s difficult to know whether the price quoted is fair. EM advised this is unlikely to change, so NP agreed to share a template among everyone to get individual quotes then share notes

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