How to…

… help rough sleepers and vulnerable teenagers. 

It’s cold out at night at the moment. If you see a rough sleeper, you can report it to this website and they will do their best to arrange an emergency bed for the night. We have asked for help for the person sleeping rough under the stairs on Blandford ūüėĘ

There is also an amazing charity called Depaul, who run a service called Nightstop that matches kind people with a spare room with homeless and vulnerable 16-25 year olds in crisis for a night. Imagine a charitable AirBnB that pays you in karma. 

Inform from their website below:

Nightstop provides a safety net to those forced to leave their home and places young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and approved volunteer.

It prevents young people from sleeping rough, “sofa surfing”, or staying in unsuitable accommodation where they would be at risk of abuse. The use of spare rooms in a positive environment makes a huge difference to young people in crisis.

There is a link below if you could volunteer a room on Lockner.


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