Lockner Car Park and the Englefield Road Gridlock

There are two entrances to the car park at the front of Lockner; the one on Englefield Road is open and used, and the one on St Peters way is closed and unused (one entrance has to be closed to stop people using it as a shortcut causing throughway traffic through the estate). I have drawn and a (dreadful – apologies) picture below to illustrate this, the car park area is boxed in yellow.
Englefield road is undergoing extensive roadworks. It will be closed completely for 10 days from next week, and when it re-opens they will have closed all local roads – diverting all local traffic down Englefield Road, meaning there is likely to be heavy traffic there every day from now on (as well as the 76 bus route).
Getting into and out of the car park is already difficult and will become worse, in addition the road will be closed completely for 10 days and we’re unsure what the council have planned for residents access throughout this time.
Do you think it would be a good idea to CLOSE the Englefield road gate and OPEN the St Peters way gate? This means the permanent car park access would be St Peters way, and no longer Eglefield Road. Its not a residential part of St Peters way, so there is no one to upset, it will reduce traffic on Englefield Road, mean residents can get in and out of the car park much more easily, and as an extra bonus, we can turn right out of the St Peters Road traffic lights.
Any thoughts please email the Lockner TRA with your feedback.

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