Paving update

A bit of Background:

In January 2014 the paving on Lockner was repaired and some replaced, which was much needed; there were lots of cracked slabs and it looked very untidy.  Leaseholders received a massive bill for this, ranging from £540 to £811 per household, depending on the size of your property.

Some time before the paving was replaced, Hackney Homes under the “better homes” scheme updated tenants kitchens. The contractors and their workmen drove their vans onto the estate (which is not allowed), and this caused the majority of the cracked paving slabs. We had photographs of them parked on the estate and raised this repeatedly with Hackney Homes at the time. In addition, the job was initially done very badly – which was raised with Mel Cameron in Hackney Homes, who arranged for new contractors, who returned and did a better job (although some argue still not good enough to justify the cost).

The outrageous price, combined with the bad job done and the fact that most of the damage was caused by Hackney Homes contractors breaking rules in the first place lead to many, many TRA complaints, which went on for years (literally).

We managed to get a discount as follows:

  • 1 bed reduced from £540.90 to £401.03
  • 2 bed reduced from £721.19 to £534.71
  • 3 bed reduced from £881.34 to £601.54

This discount, however was due to an initial mis-calculation on behalf of Hackney homes – not in response to our complaints about their contractors causing the majority of the damage or to reflect the poor quality job done.

Where we stand now:

Some leaseholders have paid, some haven’t. Some have received threatening court letters, some still haven’t even received a bill.

We have been complaining and escalating complaints and chasing escalation of complaints tirelessly for what feels like forever.

Please click on the link below to see the final response from hackney Homes (now Hackney council).

If anyone wishes to take this further, and has the energy and capability to do so – we would welcome this. But for now, we have run out of steam. Please do get in contact if you would like to contribute in any way.


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