Meeting Minutes 19th October 2016




Lisa Linpower, Chair

Sahena Begum, Hackney Homes

Joe Cranston Turner, Treasurer

Maria Savito, Dorset Court

Maria Sanchez, Swanage Court

Kym Byrne, Lulworth Court


Jon Hoskins, vice Chair

Nikki Parrott, Dorset Court

Francine Bennett, Secretary

New action items

  • Find out if there any major works planned for the next year ahead (SB)
  • Find out when the next scheduled paint work is due on Lockner (SB)
  • Email SNT about the serious assault that took place on Lockner on 25th Sept (LL)
  • See if there’s any interest on an allotment patch (MS)
  • Re arrange 184 walkabout (LL)


  1. Introductions

Sahena is the new temporary estate officer for Lockner, replacing Elli. She will be replaced in turn in a few weeks, is covering for a colleague on personal leave.

  1. TRA spending

We recently bought a sound system for the Big Lunch and for hire to residents. Discussed buying a marquee for the same purpose, which was agreed.

Re: hiring this equipment out – we agreed on a £50 deposit and £15 hire fee. LL will look into hire agreements we can use. We can use our discretion if this deposit is too high for a low income resident/family.

  1. Tenant Levy

We have purchased Christmas Panto tickets and will be selling them at £3 each for residents soon. These will be limited to max 4 per household, and can only be attended by residents. LL plans to arrange another First Aid course when she gets the time.

  1. Childrens playgrounds

We think that these could and perhaps should be upgraded, but decided to have a committee meeting about this to discuss further before requesting anything official from Hackney Council.

  1. 184 Walkabout

This was rescheduled between Anthony Stenning and LL, but LL forgot to email residents about the rescheduled date, and no posters were put up. LL and AS to re arrange and advertise.

  1. MS talked about ways to get neighbours to interact more in the green space outside 6 Dorset Court. She discussed the possibility of an allotment plot and will investigate if this is something that neighbours would be interested in or not.
  2. Unfortunately a serious sexual assault took place at 6am on Lockner outside 3 Dorchester Court on 25th September . There has been no communication from the police about this, just neighbourly updates. Residents would like ot know if there are any precautions they should be taking. LL to email SNT and request some further information.


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