184/EIB… What?!

Do you know what a 184 Walkabout is? Or the Estate Improvement Budget (EIB)?

The 184 

It’s – literally – walking about the estate with Hackney Council managers, pointing out small communal improvements or small communal projects that you’d like to see on Lockner. It’s usually carried out once a year around April time. Once a “wish list” is generated from residents who attend the walkabout Hackney Council price things up and works are agreed (or rejected) at a Neighbourhood Panel meeting.

It is not a general walkabout to deal with individual repairs or issues.

On Lockner we have previously used this budget to install bins, benches and ralings.

We’ll be rescheduling another 184 walkabout on Lockner soon, the last one wasn’t advertised properly so was unattended by residents. Watch this space, notice boards, and your email for details. 

Also – please note that leaseholders are charged for anything that is requested and carried out on this budget.


This can be used for maintenance works, lightening/electrical stuff, signs, gardening/planting and playground improvements. We have used this budget on Lockner  in the past to upgrade playgrounds and jet wash patches of peeling old paint (our next pain job on Lockner isn’t due for a couple of years).

Link below to a list of works covered by both budgets:



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