Meeting Minutes 22 July 2016



Lisa Linpower, Chair

Francine Bennett, Secretary

Sahena Begum, Hackney Homes

Nikki Parrott, Dorset Court

Kym Byrne, Lulworth Court


Jon Hoskins, vice Chair

Joe Cranston Turner, Treasurer

New action items

  • Request additional walkabout (SB)
  • Talk to older residents about ideas for tenant levy (KB)
  • Find out what happens after complaint is upheld (KB/SB)
  • Find out how to apply for playground improvements (SB)


1. Introductions

Sahena is the new temporary estate officer for Lockner, replacing Elli. She will be replaced in turn in a few weeks, is covering for a colleague on personal leave.

2. Estate conditions and repairs

Some ongoing issues (estate paving, peeling paint, etc) appear not to have been addressed for some time.

Agreed to request a walkabout with HH officers who will be more aware of history of these issues, to discuss in more detail and propose solutions.

NP pointed out that some of the playground areas are also not well set up at the moment, and could be improved with more or more varied equipment – SB will investigate the process for suggesting improvements.

3. Tenant Levy

Those present agreed that the £750 tenant levy could be used again to fund panto tickets and another first aid course for residents.

KB pointed out that older residents might feel excluded from panto as it’s quite family-centric, and agreed to discuss with some neighbours what might be good for them. Possible ideas included reserving an allocation of panto tickets for grandparents with grandchildren, setting up skills swaps between neighbours, or a totally separate event.

4. Complaints procedure

KB shared her draft decision tree which should help us know what to do if we need to make a complaint to HH. We discussed that a particular issue is that it’s unclear what to do after a complaint is upheld, if the original issue still hasn’t actually been resolved. KB/SB will investigate further and update KB’s document.

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