The Big Lockner Lunch 2016

This weekend saw the 7th annual Big Lockner Lunch celebration. The Big Lunch on Lockner was first started in 2009 by a few neighbours wanting to meet and break bread with their neighbours.

It’s now something we look forward to now every year on Lockner, it’s funded by the TRA and Hackney Council and see’s neighbours, new and old, out sharing food, laughter and celebrating our community.

We were lucky this year to be joined by some very talented musicians. The Barbarian Horde who provided live streamfolk music, which spontaneously turned into a percussion jamming session with the estates children who ran into their homes to fashion instruments with saucepans, toy instruments and home made maracas! Bleed These Colours continued with acoustic urban vibes combined with some rap and another impromptu session with Lockner’s children beatboxing with Michael’s friendly guidance (his music can be bought by clicking in the link). Many future musicians may have been inspired on this day!

Pat from Wareham court bought out the BBQ and stunned us all with her Caribbean jerk and banana fritters, and Carol, Lockners forever matriarch, decorated  and made everyone feel welcome and looked after.

We were used as a National case study from the Big Lunch again this year and pictures from their professional photographer will be appearing on here soon.

Despite the showers, it was another big success for the Lockner Big Lunch.

We are all so very lucky to be living in this very special community.

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