AGM Meeting – Minutes


27th April 2016



Lisa Linpower, Chair

Francine Bennett, Secretary

Joe Cranston Turner, Treasurer

Elli Papamichael, Hackney Homes

Nikki Parrott, Dorset Court

Kym Byrne, Lulworth Court

Maria Savito, Dorset Court



Jon Hoskins, vice Chair


New action items

  • Discuss posters for big lunch with Ellie Stevenson (LL)

  • Provide copy of community flat insurance certificates to EP and NP (JCT)

  • Provide Treasurers Report to Committee (JCT)

  • Raise complaint to re rise in forecast service charges (LL)

  • Collect examples of detailed service charge bills from different flats for comparison (NP)

  • Draft a complaints template including where to send complaints and what to expect, to post on TRA website (KB)

  • Find out whether Hackney Homes needs to provide 28 days’ notice of scaffolding (KB)

  • Schedule Committee meeting in next 6 weeks (FB)



1. AGM business

  • Current Officers were all re-elected to the same posts

  • Ellie Stevenson, Nikki Parrott, Kim Byrne, Danny Turton, Ellie Stevenson, and Maria Savito were elected as additional Committee members

  • Treasurers report to be submitted and agreed by email by the Committee after this meeting


2. Update on other actions from last meeting

  • Contact Service Charge team to clarify paving charging situation (FB):

    • Response received upholding complaint, doesn’t appear that they intend any further action


3. Service charges

LL pointed out that projected service charges have increased very substantially, and she has not received any response to an email to Service Charges team asking why.

EP suggested raising a complaint to complaints team to ensure a response, as this is then formally tracked through the process.

NP suggested collecting together a number of different bills to see whether they are being managed consistently across flats and whether all charges are legitimate.


4. Paving

The badly done paving of several years ago is still an issue (work poorly done, and much of the initial damage caused by Hackney Homes contractors), and NP is now being pursued through court for the unpaid charges. Those present were dissatisfied with the lack of clear or fair action by Hackney Homes to resolve the situation, but it’s unclear what to do next other than raise yet another formal complaint, which may not change anything.


5. Flat rental

The community flat is currently used by the TRA and by Tigerlily, a local film production company. Hackney Homes’ rules on community space rental appear to have changed, and we may want to change the rental amount or contract – current rent is low, but reflects the fact that the flat is not closely managed and has had a lot of issues and repairs.

FB to meet with Hackney Homes on 28th May to find out the latest rules, and then come back to the Committee to discuss a good way forward. In general the TRA is pleased to have the flat occupied while still available to local residents, so would like to find a good way to continue the situation.


6. Summer party

The annual Big Lunch is on Saturday 11th June. LL requested help to set up on the day around 10-12 a.m. from as many people as possible.

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