Next TRA meeting

Wednesday 24 September 2015

Community flat, 23 Blandford court




Cleaning on Lockner

Extending your lease

Paving Bill

Useless scaffolding

If you are not able to attend, but would like to make a point and have your voice heard and/or receive the minutes, please email us or pop a note through the community flat door (23 Blandford)

More details below – it should be a valuable meeting!

Agenda – a bit more detail:

  1. Cleaning – still not up to scratch, seems to be only reactive to complaints, when will Hackney Homes hire a permanent cleaner to replace the last one?
  2. Extending Leases. Would you believe that Hackney Homes ask you to “suggest how much you think you should pay” to extend your lease! Fees are not set and are charged on an ad-hoc basis. How is this justified? Could those interested renew our leases collectively?
  3. Paving Bill. The residents association disputed the bill and reduced the amount significantly (aided by a mis-calculation by Hackney Homes that was discovered). No one has received a corrected bill, with the reduction. . Some people have had court summons for not paying, others have not yet received a bill. Do we want to fight to reduce it further – giving that the paving slabs were broken by Hackney Homes vans driving onto the estate when they replaced kitchens a few years ago, of which we have photographic evidence and documented complaints. Let’s get an update from Hackney Homes and organise our strategy from there together.
  4. Scaffolding. Always up on Lockner, never being used, it just sits there idle. Are we paying for this?

As well as social activities, the Lockner residents association has stopped security gates from being erected around the perimeter of the estate ( 2010), and saved Leaseholders THOUSANDS of pounds by disputing service charges and challenging unnecessary major works. We need all the help we can get though; the residents association is run purely by volunteer residents, around full time jobs and family life  – please email us to be added to our mailing list, attend a meeting or keep an eye on this website.

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