Minutes from Wednesdays meeting

3rd March 2015

Lisa Linpower, Chair
Francine Bennett, Secretary
Elli Papamichael, Hackney Homes
Mattia Reininger, Lockner Estate
Kelly Rosalie, Lockner Estate

New action items

Check schedule to see if cavity wall insulation is expected to be installed on Lockner (EP)
Speak to Tony Stenning to schedule loft void inspection, in particular whether insulation is present, and feed back the answer (EP)
Chase cleaning team to clarify what happens next about jet washing to clean and to remove paint flakes (EP)
Speak to Kim about making formal complaint about paving (FB)
Find out why scaffolding on Blandford Court has been up since December (EP)
Check bank balance (JCT)


  1.  Update on actions from last meeting
    Clarify situation with jet washing vs flaky paint (EP)
    Apparently the cleaning team starting jet washing, but then stopped because someone told them off for getting water on their car. The current situation isn’t clear – EP will check what they’re going to do next
    Share electronic information suitable for emailing round, about new bike storage (EP)
    Not available yet, EP will share it once available
    Ask if Tony Stenning can attend to inspect the insulation in ceiling voids, e.g. Dorset Court (EP)
    Not scheduled yet but EP will do. KR also raised that she’s having trouble with mould and condensation, and an external inspector has suggested that this would be fixed by cavity wall and ceiling void insulation.
    Talk to Kim Byrne and Edd Southerden to help get decision on paving billing issue (LL)
    KB is still having lots of trouble with this, and is not getting a coherent response from Hackney Homes. Those present agreed to ask Kim to raise a formal complaint on behalf of the TRA as a whole, with her case as one specific example.
  2. Other updates from Hackney Homes
  3. Any other business

The problem of damp in flats, possibly due to lack of insulation in ceiling voids, is ongoing – KR is suffering from it in particular. EP will arrange a further inspection.

Scaffolding has been up on Blandford Court since December. EP thinks there may have been a communication problem resulting in it not being taken down – she will chase up.

The Big Lunch is coming up in June. LL asked anyone interested in helping to organise to let her know. Also, LL suggested that we use TRA funds to provide free “I heart Lockner” bags at the event – all present agreed this was a good idea.

The community flat has been flooded again due to blocked drains. LL and EP will discuss further between themselves – we need to ensure we’ve got insurance cover ongoing in case of future issues.

KB has been chasing up the paving charging issues, and has still not had a satisfactory or coherent response from Hackney Homes. Those present agreed to ask her to raise this as a formal complaint on behalf of the TRA.

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