Panto Tickets a Sell Out!

All the tickets for this years Christmas Panto at the Hackney Empire went within minutes of the doors opening this evening.

There is going to be a change on how we allocate the tickets from next year on.

They’ll no longer be given on a first come first served basis. Mainly because of the dramas of selling the tickets, mad scramble at the door, and shouty residents who have got there too late. Also because one family have four properties on the estate and come every year, with four addresses, four people and request the maximum number of tickets per household (despite some properties only having one person living in it). It is all unnecessarily stressful and unpleasant (for me!).

From next year, the TRA will run a “panto ticket lottery”, where people can come and collect a ticket with a number, and a draw will take place the following day, witnessed appropriately.

If any residents have been particularly involved with the TRA (for example, organising summer party/or other community building events to benefit Lockner and it’s residents), tickets may be preallocated as a thank you for your involvement and hard work.


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