Cleaning on Lockner

It’s come to our attention that, rather sadly, our lovely cleaner Paolo has recently been dismissed from his duties. The estate has never been as clean as it was when it was cared for by Paolo. To pre-empt things going down hill for a little while – please see the cleaning schedule for Lockner below. If you notice that standards are falling, then please do complain (details below) or let us have details so we can do so for you.

Hackney Homes’ Cleaning Schedule for Block Cleaning

Daily blocks: Dorchester Court, Swanage Court, Stratton Court, Wareham Court, Blandford Court, Portland Court, Poole Court, Dorset Court and Lulworth Court.

Monday:  Sweep all communal areas

Tuesday:  Sweep & wash stairs Dorset ct, Swanage ct, Straton ct, Wareham ct, Dorchester

Wednesday:  Sweep & wash stairs Portland ct, Poole ct, Lulworth

Thursday:  Sweep & wash stairs Blandford ct

Friday:  Sweep all communal areas


Morning duties to be carried out between 7:30am and 12:00pm


Stairs:  Litter pick & spot mop

Lift:  Sweep & wash floors

Entrances:  Sweep & wash entrances

Balconies/corridors:  Litter pick & spot mop

Hopper heads:  Keep clear

Bin chambers:  Sweep & wash after first collection of week

Hard surfaces:  Litter pick

Grass areas:  Litter pick

Flower beds/shrub beds:  Litter pick


Afternoon duties to be undertaken from 12.30pm to 3.00pm


Stairs:  To be swept & wash down

Landings:  To be swept & washed

Corridors:  To be swept & washed

Hopper heads: To be washed out

Balconies:  Wash first week of every month

Ledges/railings:  To be clean down

Windowsills:   To be cleaned

Removal of cobwebs to be done as necessary

If the tenants  or residents have any cleaning issues or would like to report issues, please contact Steve Ferguson by email: or the number below:

Office – 0207-249-3620

Please copy in our Estate manager Martin and the TRA

Bulky Waste Collections

To arrange a collection for bulky waste please call the Hackney Wasteline on 020 8356 6688

More information on the link below:

Unhappy with the estate cleaning please use Hackney Council’s complaints procedure.

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