Paving bill from Hackney Homes

Leaseholders recently received a large bill (£700+) for work carried out to replace damaged paving on Lockner last year.

The TRA are disputing this bill.

We can not advise you not to pay it, but recommend that you wait to see what the outcome of our communication with Hackney Homes will be before you do.
NB by withholding you may be penalised the 5% early repayment bonus, though the TRA will campaign for this to be reinstated from the close of the dispute whatever the resolution.

Our objections are based on these issues:

– We have documented photographic evidence of Hackney Homes contractors driving into Lockner and parking their heavy vans on the paving of the estate, breaking the paving slabs. This was when kitchens were being replaced under the decent homes scheme. We complained and documented this at the time but HH Took no action. We don’t believe we should be paying for these repairs, HH should take a proportion of the cost.

– Such a poor job was done, contractors were fired and replaced mid job (has that had an impact on the bill?)

Watch this space.

More importantly. If you have time to get involved with our dealings with HH about this – please get in touch with Edd who is taking the lead with this

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