A new primary school for Lockner?

You may find this interesting if you have a child approaching school age. There is one open event left – details can be seen below. Geographically, this would be the closest primary school to Lockner. The school governers are keen to engage with Lockner parents. If you would be interested in meeting them to discuss our children’s needs, then contact the TRA and we will arrange a meeting.
The Hackney New School Trust, which recently opened  a state secondary school on Downham Road, are now planning to open a primary school in our area in 2015. The primary school would open for 50 children each year in two forms, starting with Reception.
Hackney New Primary School will share the ethos of Hackney New School, relying on a longer day and a strong focus on music, maths and English. Children will eat together, sing together and learn together.
Children recently turning 3 and under will be eligible for the school. Places will be awarded to those living closest to the school, and siblings will then be given preference in later years. The school is a free school, which means it is a state-funded independent school, and is free to attend. The primary school would be a feeder to the secondary school, ensuring your child a place at the same great school from 4 to 19.
You can meet the team behind the school at the following events:
·      7th November  7pm to 8pm
·      30th November 10am to 12 noon
All open events will take place at Hackney New School, 1-9 Downham Road, London N1 5AA

For more info, visit the school website: http://www.hackneynewprimaryschool.org/

If you want to give your support, and can expect making Hackney New Primary School your first choice for your child or children, please complete this simple form. Parental support will be a critical assessment criteria in the application to the Department for Education.

A new mainstream school, specialising in music    www.hackneynewschool.org



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