Blandford Court Gates Update

Hackney Homes have gained permission to erect security gates at the bottom of each stairwell to Blandford Court. As you may remember, HH proposed a change in the design of the gates, to be solid metal with plastic infill instead of bared (see attached image). Thanks to all your letters to the Planners they have decided that this change in design warrants an additional period of consultation (or opportunity for us to OFFICIALLY complain!) If you wrote to Mr. Toyin Omodara previously it is very important that you write to him again, in this official period of consultation!

The new design will make the underpass and two stair wells extremely dark. Also, the solid gates will undoubtably reduce natural ventilation to the stairwell, which will likely cause stuffy / urine smells. To add insult to injury two flat’s in Blandford Court will have their window’s contained within the new gated portion, thus reducing the natural light / ventilation into their property.

If you feel that these solid gates will have a negative impact to the Lockner Estate please write an email to Mr. Toyin Omodara ( who is the case officer at planning department of Hackney Council.

There are many examples around the borough of beautiful security gates, like this one down the road – With a little extra time spent on the design side (which my partner Pete and I are happy to volunteer!) we feel that we can come to a much better design solution.

Here is a template email that you might like to copy and edit:

“Dear Mr. Omodara,

I am writing with reference to application 2013/3409, Hackney Home’s application for the variation to condition 3 of application number 2013/0470. I believe that changing the design of the gates from railing like bars to solid metal gates is a material (significant) change to the approved design. This new proposal is not

keeping with the De Beauvoir Conservation Area design guidelines.

I am not in favour of the installation of solid gates as it will reduce natural light levels and natural ventilation in the underpass and stairwells. The windows of two separate flats (number 2 and number 21) will be contained within the new gated area and the gates will reduce light levels to an unacceptable level in accordance with Right to Light legislation.

Kind regards,

Lockner Resident  (******** Court)”


One comment

  1. It seems pathetic to me that whilst arranging for security gates to be erected on Blandford Court, the remaining blocks are being ordered to remove our security gates. I have had my gate for 20 plus years and “did” get permission from Hackney Council. This was well before Hackney Homes was in control. We have unsafe brick walls (because they are not tied into the building) that continually blow down, fences that are unsafe and also have fallen. Luckily no one has been hurt by these heavy objects but it will happen and when it does Hackney Homes will be solely responsible. I have no intention of removing my gate, I was burgled twice before I had it installed and have not been robbed since. On discussions with The London Fire Brigade they have no problem with gaining entry to the gates and if anything they have more concerns about the Gerda security doors. Which were also erected with the councils permission!. The letter from Hackney Homes states the gate may delay the fire brigade getting access. Its a pity whoever was given the task of ordering these gates removed didn’t do some homework and contact the fire brigade and check the facts……….as I did!!! The gates are easier to access and give peace of mind and security. This needs to be strongly opposed and give tenants and residents the right to “risk assess” themselves.,They are the best judge of their own safety. Hackney Homes need to concentrate the dangerous structures that are a risk to the public at large and the children who play on this estate! So Mr. Martin Omoding thanks but no thanks.

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