Hackney Leaseholders Success

Hackney Leaseholders  Success As Tribunal Ruled In Their Favour

Hackney Leaseholders had a taste of victory as the dispensation tribunal on the 15th July 2013 ruled in their favour:

  1. The proposed agreement between the Council and Hackney Homes is NOT a QLTA (Qualifying Long Term Agreement).
  2. Dispensation should NOT be granted.
  3. The Council is NOT entitled to recover costs of the tribunal proceedings as a service charge.

In the summary it was noted: “This is an organized objection to the Council’s views and in our findings justifiably so.”

Hackney Leaseholders were represented by Barrister Andrew Dymond. They  were opposed to Hackney Council’s application  for dispensation in appointing the ALMO Hackney Homes the long-term agreement for external repairs on their property stock.

For anyone wishing to read the full legal document please contact the TRA.

In the meantime a big thank you to  those who got involved and donated money and time.  This could not have been achieved if it wasn’t for the  organization We Are Hackney Council Leaseholders http://www.wearehackneycouncilleaseholders.org/


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