Lockner Newsletter June 2013

Big Lockner Lunch

Sunday 2nd June saw the fourth annual Big Lockner Lunch. The sun shone as we enjoyed fun and food with our neighbours on Lockner. Residents cooked delicious dishes and cakes to contribute to the table, which all went down a treat. Cakelicious (374 Kingsland road, next to the taxi rank) also provided a fantastic spread of finger food and nostalgic school dinner puddings for us all to enjoy.

The sound of giggles and fun filled the estate as children bounced on castles and dived fearlessly down a giant inflatable slide, with painted faces transformed into Spidermans, tigers and butterflies.

A bubble disco led the way to an impromptu ‘Gangnam Style’ dance competition, after which the firemen from Kingsland Fire Station arrived on the street with their fire engine. People of all ages(!) climbed aboard to pose with fireman hats on and squirt water from the enormous hoses over the freshly planted flowers and turf.

The Big Lockner Lunch is a great way to meet your neighbours and share some food and conversation. Every summer it has got bigger and better; the laughter and conversation louder and more vibrant. It’s a lovely way to remind us all that Lockner is a friendly and brilliant place to live!

Thanks to Sammy and Carol Wonderling, Jenny Burton, Nikki Parrott, Ellie Stevenson, Jon Hoskins, and Lisa Turton for organising this year’s party.



First Aid Course

On 6th April, the Lockner TRA ran a first aid course for 24 Lockner residents, with training provided by the Red Cross. The course covered all basic adult and paediatric emergencies and qualified residents who attended as certified first aiders for three years. It was a really fun and useful course that we hope to run again soon for people who missed out this time around. Having first aid qualified neighbours who can help in an emergency makes Lockner a safer place to live.


Welcome Tigerlily

Blandford residents may have noticed a buzz of creativity around the community flat on 23 Blandford Court. The flat previously lay empty and wasted between meetings, so we have rented it out to make some income for the estate. It is still available for the TRA to use for meetings and community events. Money has so far been used for events and community gardening. Welcome to Tigerlily Films who now have their office based in the flat. Tigerlily is an award winning company producing factual and fiction content for TV and cinema around the world. Learn more about them here www.tigerlilyfilms.com.

Please note that the staff in the flat are not affiliated with the TRA an unable to help with any queries regarding life on Lockner. The best way for those who are not on email to contact the TRA is to put a note through the door of 23 Blandford Court in an envelope clearly marked TRA and the message will be handed on.



Guerrilla  Gardening

Have you noticed patches of freshly laid turf around Lockner recently? New trees appearing? Sprinkles of grass seed and areas cleared of weeds and litter? The tree on the corner of Kingsland Road and Englefield Road has had a makeover – no longer drowning in litter, but smiling with flowers. This is thanks to one Lockner resident on a mission to beautify the estate, and we think it deserves some recognition and appreciation: Thank you, Jenny Duval!

If you have a garden that you are struggling to maintain and would like some help, Hackney Homes have a garden share scheme that we could put you in touch with.



Lockner TRA – get involved!

The TRA saves leaseholders money and helps to keep this estate great by contesting poorly thought out and badly planned major works that Hackney Homes have proposed for us. It benefits everyone to have an interest in these things and get involved with issues.

We also request and oversee improvements to Lockner, like children’s play areas, and issues surrounding the general upkeep of the estate.

We are your voice with Hackney Homes and have a wealth of experience handling problems that may occur when dealing with them. We also have a direct route of communication with managers within the organisation, as well as other TRAs.

Did you know we have a website? New pages at www.locknerestate.com include: recommend a local tradesman, sell furniture or window dressings (all our homes are the same size, after all), and a children’s page with links and tips to local things to do and places to go with your children.

Next TRA meeting: Wednesday 17th July, 7pm at 23 Blandford Court

Keep an eye on the notice boards for more information.


How to contact us:

website locknerestate.com

email locknertra@gmail.com

or pop a note through the door of the community flat at 23 Blandford Court



Paving & Paint

There’s no doubt that Lockner needs a new lick of paint but we need to find out why the original paint is flaking in parts.

The TRA has  evidence that the last time the estate was painted in 2005, the wrong type of paint was probably used – paint intended for interior use, not masonry paint – leading to the flaking and peeling of paint that you can see around Lockner. This has led to the estate needing to be repainted so soon. Due to this error we are fighting for Hackney Homes to repaint at no cost to leaseholders. If anyone has any old paperwork in a drawer somewhere with any details of the previous paint works, or any expertise in this area, please do get in touch.

In the meantime Hackney Homes have commissioned a Crown Survey, in which paint samples around the estate have been collected and  sent off to a lab to be analyzed.

This is an on-going issue with Hackney Homes: watch our website and come to meetings for updates.

Paving maintenance has just been completed on Lockner.  Hackney Homes invited the community to inspect the work before it was signed off. The result of that walk-about was that a number of  areas were highlighted and the contractors will be asked to come back again and complete the work to a satisfactory level.

The bill for leaseholders is yet to come. It is likely that we’ll challenge the costs for this, as much of the work was repairing damage that had been caused by Hackney Homes’ own vehicles driving unlawfully into the estate. Fortunately, with the new barriers and pop-up bollards around the estate we shouldn’t experience this problem in the future.



Dispensation – decision 24th/25th June – so may not be relevant/up to date by the time I get this newsletter out… depends how fast we move!


You may recall some complicated letters from Hackney Homes recently discussing a dispensation application. Read on for a plain English update on what has been going on.


What’s happened:

Hackney Council wants to give themselves the contract to carry out major and expensive external decoration work on Hackney Homes estates across the borough. The law states that major works like this should not be carried out by someone who owns or manages the property, as Hackney Homes do, because it is not fair and there may be a conflict of interest. It would be like handing them a blank cheque and hoping we can trust them to give value for money.  Hackney Homes are applying for dispensation, which is a way around this law.

In a nutshell they are asking permission to employ themselves for all the big and expensive jobs across the borough. We don’t want them to get this dispensation and carry on as they have been.

Where are we up to now:

Regents Estate TRA has led a campaign to raise funds to fight Hackney Homes on behalf of all Hackney Homes leaseholders. They have employed a barrister on our behalf who will represent us at the tribunal on the 24th & 25th June 2013. Thank you to Lockner Estate residents who have contributed to the campaign.


Where to get more information:


Twitter: @HCleaseholders




Blandford Court Door Entry System

From September to November last year, Hackney Homes carried out a consultation to see if Blandford Court residents would like to have security gates installed on their block. The proposal is in response to complaints regarding persistent anti-social behaviour on the stairwells. Of the 72% of residents who responded, 60% were in favour of the scheme and 12% were not. This was followed up in April with two drop-in sessions on the estate for Blandford residents to see the plans for the gates, ask questions and have input into the design of the gates. There is no date set as yet for installation of the doors. For further information contact Anthony Stenning at Hackney Homes email: Anthony.Stenning@hackneyhomes.org.uk

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