£11 A Week Pop-Up HAWSE – Only A Design Concept




Pop-Up HAWSE Concept –  A Design Concept Gone Viral

Forcing East London Estate Used In Illustrations To Ask For Apology And Clarification.

The Lockner Estate found itself in the press last week when a number of news outlets claimed that disused garages could be turned into pop-up homes and rented for as little as £11 a week.  They suggested this would happen at an estate in East London, showing illustrations of the Lockner Estate.  This story is not true and it originates from a project in which the  architects Levitt Bernstein used images of the Lockner Estate’s garages to illustrate their design concept Pop-Up HAWSE. The company was approached by TRA members as early as  November 2012, when the story appeared in the DeBeauvoir newsletter,  seeking clarification and an apology. Published below.

The story was however  recently picked up by a news agency and published in the MailOnLine, The Metro and The Evening Standard.  Following a further complaint from the TRA,  Levitt Berstein’s PR has been in touch with all these publications as well as as the news agency syndicating this story.

Apology letter sent to TRA from Levitt Berstein dated 12th November 2012.

We understand your concerns that the illustration shows an area of the Lockner Estate and we apologise for any upset or frustrations we may have caused.

The reason we did not contact anybody at the estate prior to using the image is that the concept is currently not specific to any area or site and the computer generated image of the transformed garages used against the recent press articles was created to illustrate the idea, with the proposal to adopt in suitable sites in London should the project move forward.

We feel the Pop-up HAWSE is a positive and creative concept which enables people to learn new skills and transforms under-utilised spaces to create a temporary place to live, learn and work as a kick start project for the regeneration of the surrounding estate or wider area. We have received some very positive feedback for the idea for housing and other uses in redundant garages and we would be very pleased discuss it further if you would like.


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