Hackney Homes Contract Query from TRA

Mr Glenn Dawes

Contract Manager

Hackney Homes Ltd

Planned Maintenance

2 Trederwen Road

London E8 4NB

28th April 2012

Dear Mr Dawes

In response to a Section 20 letter I received regarding the planned paintwork on of the Lockner Estate I’m contacting you in regards to the current contractors. I have two points I would like to make regarding this matter.

I note that the long-term agreement entered in 2005 with Hackney Trading Services has been extended. As a leaseholder I have not been informed of this extension. If approached I would have submitted a comment complaining about their original work in 2005. At that time the contractors painted around my garden furniture rather than move it. When I approach they came back to paint the border but didn’t do any of the preparation work to the concrete so the paint in that section was always in a poor state and many parts flaked off. Evidence is now under my decking but could be disturbed if necessary.

  • I would like to see transparency in the process of extending the long-term contract.

I’m concerned that we are not getting value for money as the original tendering process begun as far back as 2004 and the same company still holds the contract. I demand clarity to why this job has not been put out to competitive tendering and leaseholders have not been allowed to comment on the extension.

  • How can we be getting the best value for money when the original tendering process begun in 2004 and the contract is still running without anyone been given the opportunity to come up with a better quote?

Looking forward to receiving your answers to the questions above.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Duval

TRA Treasurer


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