Planned Paintworks – a written observation

FAO: Mr Gareth Perkins / Major Works Officer / Major Works Section / Leasehold & Right to Buy Services

26th April 2012

Dear Mr Perkins,

I am writing from the Residents Association on Lockner estate.

Some residents have recently received letters from the major works section detailing plans to repair and repaint previously painted surfaces. The costs have been estimated at approximately £2800 per property (estimated for property’s with living space factor of 48.5), although it is noted that only some blocks on the estate are being worked on.

It is our understanding that Hackney Trading Services are the contractors appointed to carry out the work and that they have a long term agreement with Hackney Homes – please refer to the section 20 letter sent to leaseholders by James Roche dated 1st April 2005. This agreement was for five years from April 2005. There is some ambiguity about the extension of this contract; leaseholders have not had any information regarding this matter.

Residents have concerns about the high cost of these works, particularly as the invoice is not a result of a competitive tendering process that has been transparent to residents who will be facing such a large invoice.

We are writing to ask why there has not been a transparent competitive tendering process, particularly in view of the fact that the long-term agreement with Hackney Trading Services has since expired. How can we be certain that this cost is competitive and value for money?

Finally, it is noted that leases sold prior to 1989 do not enable Hackney Homes to recharge for works of improvement.  Can we ask who pays for works of improvement for properties with leases this is applicable to?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Lisa Linpower

TRA chair



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