Estate Improvements

Every year we are given a pot of money from the council to improve Lockner. It’s called the The Resident Led Improvement Budget (RLIB). It can be spent to improve Lockner re-doing fencing or painting railings, planting trees or starting a community garden. The only limitations are that it has to benefit all living on Lockner, and your imagination!

There will be a “walkabout” on Monday 20th April at 11.15am (meet outside the community flat 23 Blandford Court) with the council people running the RLIB. During this time we quite literally walk about with them talking them through and showing them our wish list.

More information can be found about the budget here.

If you are unable to make the meeting and have any ideas, you can email them to us or pop a note through the community flat door (23 Blandford Court) so we can be sure your voice is heard!



Notes from last meeting / next meeting 4th December

TRA meeting – 2nd October 2019


  • Get a copy of the letter to residents about Rashan Charles situation and circulate via website/email (LL)

  • Find out about electric car charging points on estates (CU)

  • Investigate possibility of Community Payback team doing playground decoration (CU)

  • Organise list of people who want panto tickets + purchase tickets (LL + NG)

  • Investigate Poole Court water damage on balconies and gutters (CU)

  • Report ASB and drug dealing north end of Dorset Court (CU)

  • Investigate Poole Court bin chutes (CU)

  • Circulate Shared Lives flyer (LL)

  • Reschedule drawing event (MG)


  1. Update on meeting with Mayor and police about shootings at Yours Locally (LL)

After we discussed the ongoing problems with violence and intimidation around Yours Locally at the last TRA meeting, we requested a meeting with the Mayor about this serious and very sensitive situation.

We were pleased that our request was taken seriously, and the Mayor convened a meeting including senior LB Hackney and Police representatives, and the owner of the shop.

We were told that they now have ongoing CCTV coverage of the area which is being carefully monitored, there is an increased plain clothes presence, and they are keen to ensure that things are calmed down. Rashan Charles’ mother has helped to move his shrine to another location, and they are hoping that things will be much calmer.

Police are going to send round a letter to local residents to clarify what actions they are taking and reassure residents.

  1. Electric car charging (LL)

Those present agreed that it might be of interest to get an electric car charging point installed in the Lockner parking area. CU agreed to find out how this might work, and whether there would be any cost attached.

  1. Cost of repainting playground railings

This has been re-estimated and is still being quoted as costing around £9000 to repaint the railings on 3 playgrounds. Those present still felt this was a very high cost and would like to more seriously investigate the possibility of getting a community payback team to do the work, as they have on De Beauvoir Square in the past. CU agreed to look into this.

NG suggested postponing this work to spring/summer in any case, when the playgrounds will be more heavily used, rather than redecorating just before they may be damaged by winter weather.

  1. Panto tickets

In previous years we’ve spent £1000-3000 on panto tickets, but it’s hard to judge in advance how many to buy.

This year we agreed to collect a list of names ahead of time, then purchase tickets once we know exact numbers. Other than that we’ll follow the same rules as last year (e.g. 4 tickets per household, residents only, priority given to those who’ve volunteered for TRA or estate jobs over the past year and first come first served otherwise). NG and LL will organise this.

  1. Meet new Estate Manager

Celestine Udenze is our new estate manager and joined the meeting to introduce himself. He is available at or at the neighbourhood office in person.

  1. Any other business

  • Poole Court are still having frequent trouble with balconies and gutters overflowing and causing water damage inside flats (CU to report)

  • Dorset Court continues to have issues with antisocial behaviour and residents and their friends drug dealing at the north end of the block around the stairwell (CU to report)

  • Poole Court bin chambers and chutes are dirty and need jetting (CU to review)

  • RP gave an update on the Shared Lives scheme, where those with a spare room can be paid to have a lodger who needs some extra support (LL to circulate flyer)

  • Drawing event had to be cancelled due to bad weather – to be rescheduled for a Sunday some time soon (MG to reschedule)

It’s that time of year again!

Panto 2019

This year rather than buy a set number of tickets to be given on a first come first served basis – we are registering people who would like to come, and if we can afford it, buy for everyone interested. As usual tickets are for Lockner Residents only (not guests of Lockner residents), limited at 4 per household and will cost £5 each.

Dick Whittington, Friday 20th December 2019 at 7pm, Hackney Empire. 

If you would like to come, please email with your name, address and number of tickets you would like by the 25th of October. After 25th October we will get in touch with everyone we have heard from with details about how to collect and pay for your tickets. If we run out of money we will prioritise people according to what date/time their email was sent – so please do get yours in early. 

If you do not have access to email, don’t worry, please pop a note through the letterbox of the community flat at 23 Blandford Court.

Update from meeting with Mayor and Police

A few residents attended the meeting mentioned below at the Mayors office with representatives from the council, the police and local counsellors. It was a really positive meeting and we felt our concerns were taken seriously and heard.

The outcome was that we learned just how much the police have been doing and continue to do to address the problems across the road.

They have installed CCTV to cover this area, and this is monitored 24 hours a day. They have engaged a specialist team who specialise in dealing with issues rising from gangs, they engaged this specialist team two months before the drive by shooting, a representative from this team was at the meeting and was very impressive. On the night of the shooting they had lots of surveillance, police on standby positioned near by and plain clothes police officers around, but unfortunately stood them down half an hour before the event due to resource allocation issues they couldn’t go into. We got the impression they felt pretty silly about that.

So, in summary – a lot has been going on behind the scenes, that we have not been aware of,  this lack of communication appears to be the problem. We asked them to make contact with Lockner residents affected by all the goings on across the road at Yours Locally over recent years. We asked them to explain to  residents what measures have been taken, and to reassure us that the right people are aware of the right problems and are working hard to keep us all safe and looked after. A letter to this effect should hit your doormat soon, if it hasn’t already. There is also some information on who to contact and how if you have any concerns.

We would like to thank Philip Glanville and his teams for meeting with us so productively.